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The Best Fleet GPS Tracking Apps for Androids and iPhones Brian Dziuk | Apr 29, 2021 8:48:10 AM

iPhoneX-1There are a variety of GPS tracking solutions available to modern fleet managers using either Android or iPhone devices. From small, battery-powered devices, to more robust units that integrate with vehicle diagnostics systems, GPS tracking apps for mobile devices are becoming an increasingly popular solution for fleet managers who need to keep an eye on their employees and fleet vehicles remotely and in-real time.

The question is: why would fleet managers want to use a GPS tracking mobile app rather than a more traditional tracking solution? What are the benefits for fleet managers? What kinds of GPS tracking apps are available for Android or iPhone users? Keep reading to find out!

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What Are Fleet Tracking Apps

GPS tracking apps allow you to access all of the valuable data that traditional GPS systems can provide, but from a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. 

In today's digitally-driven world where fleet managers are constantly on-the-go, having access to this data remotely and in real-time is invaluable. Instead of having to wait until you're in the office or have access to a computer, you'll be able to pull up the information you need and track your fleet at any time and from any location.

Android and iPhone GPS Tracking Applications

There are lots of mobile GPS tracking apps on the market that will all have different features and capabilities. The basic function of a GPS tracking app is to provide location data and help drivers navigate from point A to point B. However, advanced GPS tracking apps can also enable you to monitor:

  • Acceleration and turn speeds
  • Unsafe driving habits such as hard braking
  • Conditions inside a vehicle such as temperature, light, noise, and humidity
  • Travel history including mileage and stops made along the way for each trip

What are the Benefits of Using Fleet GPS Tracking Apps?

There are numerous benefits of using GPS tracking apps in your fleet. From cost savings to improved efficiency, it's no wonder so many modern fleet managers are turning to these kinds of mobile tools to transform their fleet operations! Here are some of the main advantages of implementing GPS tracking apps in your fleet:

Benefit #1: Implementing a GPS Mobile Tracking App Can Cut Fleet Costs

For some vehicle fleets, the cost of deploying a mobile GPS tracking application might be less than the cost of buying new GPS tracking devices and management software.

The reason we say “might” is that the cost of deploying a mobile app for GPS tracking can vary based on whether or not your drivers all carry GPS-capable devices, your company’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, and any data plans your company devices might have.

If your drivers don’t have GPS app-compatible smartphones, whether Android or iPhone, or your company’s BYOD policy requires a separate, company-owned device to install the app on for security reasons, then you’ll have to supply each driver with a compatible device—which can get pricey.

However, if your drivers already have GPS app-ready smart devices, then you can skip the cost of buying dedicated GPS devices for your fleet vehicles.

Benefit #2: Track Employees Independently of Their Fleet Vehicles

Some fleet managers may need to track more than just vehicle positions. With mobile app location tracking engaged, fleet managers can see exactly where the employee is, whether they’re in a vehicle or outside of it.

This can be especially handy for fleet managers who are monitoring field operations—such as in utility companies that handle service calls. With data from the employee’s mobile device, managers could verify that employees were in proximity to a service call site for the duration of said call.

Benefit #3: Messaging Features

Tracking apps, such as PocketRastrac, can provide secure 2-way communication features. These features give fleet managers a convenient way to contact drivers in the field and to get responses quickly.

Benefit #4: Time Logging for Drivers in the Field

A side benefit of using a phone-based app is the ability to have employees remotely clock in or clock out. With a few button taps, an employee on the road can send a “Clocking in” status at the start of their duty shift.

This can help with hours of service compliance for some shipping or transportation industry companies.

Benefit #5: Theft Prevention and Protection

An unsupervised truck is a tempting target for thieves and vandals. With GPS vehicle tracking, trucks are protected from unauthorized use and movement alerts. Plus, if something unfortunate does happen, there is more evidence to follow-up on the whereabouts of missing equipment or vehicles.

Benefit #6: Streamlined Customer Service

Beyond monitoring that an employee is where they should be, GPS fleet tracking enables truck fleets to respond to and fulfill assignments with increased efficiency and punctuality. This commitment to courtesy and customer convenience is a win-win for everyone.

The Top 5 GPS Tracking Apps for Androids and iPhones

Now that you know the many benefits and uses of GPS tracking apps, you may be ready to start looking for the right one to implement in your fleet! To help you get started, here are our top five picks of GPS tracking apps available for both Androids and iPhones.

1. PocketRastrac

PocketRastrac is a mobile GPS tracking app for people and asset management that effectively transforms any iPhone, iPad, or Android device into an advanced tracking platform! You can use PocketRastrac to:

  • Track the real-time location of any employee, asset, or vehicle
  • Receive live updates from employees while they are out in the field, such as when they are clocking in for the day or arriving at a jobsite.pocketrastrac
  • Send important updates to your employees in the field and send secure two-way messages without having to keep track of another separate app
  • Monitor vehicle conditions in order to more strategically schedule preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Access reports on total travel time and mileage for each trip
  • Monitor driver safety habits such as speeding, harsh turning, and hard braking

Download PocketRastrac on the Apple App Store here, or on the Google Play Store for Android apps here.

2. NetTrack

NetTrack is a mobile GPS tracking and fleet management app that includes intuitive mapping technology, advanced reporting tools, and the ability to set up mobile alerts. This app also makes it possible to identify issues with your vehicles or equipment so you can proactively make the repairs needed to ensure they can continue working correctly and on schedule.

Download NetTrack on the Apple App Store here, or on the Google Play Store for Android apps here.

3. Fleetio Go 

Fleetio Go is a mobile app that allows you to easily manage and track your fleet on-the-go. You'll be able to track the location of any vehicle or asset, instantly access reports and update data from anywhere, and even look up an asset in your database by scanning a barcode. With fuel logs, maintenance history, service reminders, and more all within the app, fleet managers can keep track of all the moving parts of their fleet in one place. 

Download Fleetio Go on the Apple App Store here, or on the Google Play Store for Android apps here.

4. MyGeotab

MyGeotab is a fleet management and GPS tracking app that Geotab customers can use along with their desktop software. The app allows you to see all your vehicle and driver information in one place with advanced reporting, driver behavior management, route optimization, and more. It also tracks driver Hours of Service so that you can ensure regulation compliance and manages diagnostic trouble codes and engine faults to keep your vehicles operating at peak condition. 

Download MyGeotab on the Apple App Store here, or on the Google Play Store for Android apps here.

5. Wialon 

Wialon is a real-time GPS monitoring app hosted by Gurtam, a software development company. It allows for flexible report building, fuel consumption control, driver behavior monitoring, routing management, mobile notifications and alerts, and more. The app supports Software as a Service and server-based versions, different maps (such as Google Maps), and over 700 different kinds of GPS hardware.

Download Wialon on the Apple App Store here, or on the Google Play Store for Android apps here.

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Now that you know the many benefits of GPS tracking apps and some of the best options on the market, are you ready to implement a mobile GPS solution in your fleet? Find out and determine the best option for your individual fleet by talking to a Rastrac expert today!

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