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4 Reasons Managers Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking for Municipalities Brian Dziuk | Jan 10, 2017 10:14:00 AM

It takes a lot to keep a municipality up and running efficiently. Managing a city is a tough job—and all too often thankless. When things are running smoothly, people rarely notice. But, if something’s not working right, the constituents will make their displeasure known.

City managers have to manage a lot of different municipal infrastructure maintenance programs.

City managers need to make sure that municipal services are being run as reliably and efficiently as possible to keep citizens happy and healthy.

This is something that GPS fleet tracking for municipalities can easily help with. Many city managers have already adopted GPS tracking for different municipal services, and seen numerous benefits, including:

1: Reduced Fuel Consumption

The municipal fleet fuel budget isn’t something to sneeze at. Even a small city fleet can guzzle gas at an alarming rate.

One of the biggest problems with managing fuel efficiency for any municipal fleet is the issue of tracking vehicle use. Things such as illicit or unauthorized vehicle use and excessive idling burn gas (and add extra wear and tear to engines) without helping you reach basic operational goals for your municipality.

Without an accurate way to track where drivers have been and how much time they’ve spent in idle while driving, it’s incredibly difficult to enforce an efficient use policy.

Municipal fleet tracking with GPS gives city fleet managers the ability to track where each of their vehicles assets have been and how long a vehicle was left in idle. This makes it easy to spot if a vehicle is being used improperly so the issue can be corrected—reducing fuel consumption.

In the long run, GPS tracking can save your municipality thousands of dollars in fuel expenses.

2: Faster Delivery of Key Municipal Services

Getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible is a huge part of ensuring efficiency in municipal operations.

GPS fleet tracking helps ensure faster delivery of key municipal services in a few ways, such as:

  • Improving Route Planning. Traffic is always a bit of a bear to deal with in city environments. However, a few simple tweaks in which roads a vehicle takes can shave a significant amount of time off a trip. GPS tracking makes navigating around congested traffic much easier, saving municipalities considerable time.

  • Keeping Drivers On Task. Another major delaying factor is when drivers take their vehicles onto unauthorized side trips. Whether it’s to do a side job or to take care of a personal errand, these trips bite into your operational clock and delay important services, such as trash pickup and street cleaning.

By increasing how quickly municipal fleet drivers can get from point A to point B, city managers can make each of their municipal vehicles more effective at helping the community. This means more work done and less time sitting in traffic.

Public safety offices find the time savings especially helpful for increasing the effectiveness of police, ambulance, and fire rescue operations. Here, a difference of a few minutes in transit can mean the difference between life and death for a citizen.

3: Preventing Fuel Fraud/Theft

Municipalities feel the pain at the pump just as much as the average citizen.

Fuel fraud and theft isn’t exclusive to commercial carrier fleets—municipal managers have to deal with the occasional bit of theft as well. By tracking vital vehicle use statistics such as total operational time, engine rpms, and distance traveled, fleet managers of municipal fleets can accurately assess how much fuel should have been consumed vs the reported fuel usage.

This makes it easy to spot abnormalities and take corrective action to prevent future fuel theft or fraud.

4: Resolving Disputes About Key Municipal Services

Handling waste management is rarely a pleasant task—especially when there’s a dispute about trash pickup. GPS tracking makes it easier to resolve whether or not a trash truck was present when it was supposed to be for a routine pickup or a special collection call.

This additional traceability of operations can help to provide your municipality with an improved sense of transparency. Being able to show citizens where municipal vehicles were at a given time helps to build trust (and resolve potential disputes).

These are just a few of the potential benefits of using GPS fleet management to a city manager.

Learn more about how you could improve municipal operations today!

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