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How RastracGo Helps You Track Valuable Assets Rastrac Team | Mar 8, 2019 10:13:00 AM

When handling and transporting highly valuable assets, some industries need a little extra help protecting their investments. That’s why Rastrac integrated an additional location tracking option capable of incorporating with your current Rastrac tracking software.

RastracGo is a small, portable tracker that is no bigger than a keycard. Because it is designed with a keyhole, you can easily secure the device to a shipping container or keyring and track cargo as it travels. The device is equipped with a GT-200 tracking module and a SIM card port that uses cell tower signals to communicate and report the location and condition of your most valuable assets.

Let’s take a look at the key tracking features of RastracGo and how they help meet the GPS and asset tracking needs of major industries.

Customizable Location Tracking Capabilities

RastracGo has the ability to provide location tracking anywhere in the world that receives cell phone, GPS, or Wi-Fi service. RastracGo’s asset tracking features can be set to your preferences on how frequently you’d like to receive updated reports. These specific time intervals can be set to report back as frequently as every five minutes, or as minimally as once per day, which also allows users to prioritize RastracGo’s battery life. You also can use RastracGo to help cut transportation costs by optimizing your driving routes and rerouting drivers based on weather, traffic accidents, and other hazardous conditions.

Supported by our fully customizable Rastrac tracking software, RastracGo sends you automatic updates on:

  • The location of your valuable assets;
  • The time the latest update was reported;
  • The current speed of the vehicle transporting your assets; and
  • A vehicle’s odometer readings.

You can even receive close-up satellite imagery and a street view of where exactly your assets are located.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

RastracGo’s battery life makes this device perfect for tracking valuable assets traveling longer than a few days or a week. There are two location tracking modes that use varying degrees of battery power:

  • GPS Mode: Also known as “regular mode,” GPS mode provides the most accurate location data, but drains the battery faster.
  • Battery Saving Mode: While this mode provides less accurate data, RastracGo uses cell towers, promoting a longer battery life. This mode is also referred to as “Cell-ID.”

Worried about constantly needing to charge your portable tracker? Don’t be! Depending on your preferred settings, RastracGo’s per-charge battery life can last anywhere between two weeks or four months on a single charge.

Enhanced Asset Condition Monitoring

One of the most beneficial features of RastracGo is the ability to monitor the conditions of your most valuable assets until reaching their final destination. This way, you can be sure your fleet operations are operating efficiently and safely. The device comes with built-in accelerometers, temperature, and pressure sensors, which makes RastracGo capable of detecting changes in:

The portable tracker’s slim design and small size make it easy to track cargo of any size. You can place RastracGo in something as small as an envelope or as large as a shipping container. Using this type of GPS technology for asset tracking is extremely helpful for theft prevention. The Nation Equipment Register’s (NER) 2016 Equipment Theft Report cites data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) that ISO ClaimSearch® received more than 10,000 reports of stolen construction and farm equipment in 2016. The report also estimates the annual cost to industries due to equipment theft is between $300 million to $1 billion.

With Rastrac tracking software, you can keep track of expensive or sensitive equipment— thereby reducing the risk of theft and increasing security. The RastracGo portable tracker is perfect for location tracking to monitor valuable assets like:

  • Crates and containers;
  • Electronics;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Tools and toolboxes;
  • Geological surveying equipment; and
  • Personnel.

RastracGo can help boost the asset and location tracking capabilities of your business. As an industry leader in GPS fleet tracking and asset management, Rastrac is dedicated to providing customers with convenient and useful tracking options that meet their fleet management needs. We are committed to enhancing your fleet’s operational efficiency while saving you money and protecting your most valuable assets from damage and theft.

To learn more about RastracGo, contact one of our asset tracking experts today!

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