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How to Choose the Right Fleet Management Service Brian Dziuk | Feb 11, 2019 11:43:00 AM

In today’s modern workforce, we are seeing more industries implementing fleet management services to improve the efficiency of their fleet operations. Using GPS tracking devices and fleet management software together allows fleet managers to remotely track and monitor:

  • The location of each tagged fleet vehicle;
  • Employee driving behavior;
  • Asset and vehicle performance; and
  • Fleet vehicle temperature conditions.

A market study on U.S. Mobile Resource Management Systems from C.J. Driscoll & Associates found there are currently more than 13 million GPS devices being used to monitor fleet vehicles and equipment. By 2020, that number is expected to increase to more than 20 million, with revenue growth of mobile resource management (MRM) systems anticipated to surpass $6.8 billion.

If your company is looking to invest in a reliable fleet management service, it’s important to choose a solution that will meet all your needs. Many solutions offer different features, but the right research will help narrow down which GPS fleet management and asset tracking solution works best for you.

Below is a list of criteria and red flags fleet managers should consider before choosing a fleet management service.

Fleet Management Software That is Customizable and Easy to Use

Every work industry has its own unique set of goals and needs. When choosing your fleet management service solution, make sure it is adaptable and allows for feature changes as your business grows or changes. You don’t want to have to purchase a whole new GPS fleet management system just because your original solution isn’t customizable to keep up with industry demands.

You also want to be able to access all the information collected from the GPS tracking device in an efficient way. Having fleet management software that is easy to use is vital so fleet managers and other employees can use it and have a strong understanding of its features and GPS tracking capabilities.

Rastrac offers affordable custom fleet management service solutions that can be developed for the needs of your specific business. Our software can serve as a custom standalone software solution that meets your fleet management requirements or act as a powerful middleware that interfaces with existing applications.

Overall ROI Savings

There is no way to determine the exact amount of ROI a business can expect to see after integrating a fleet management system into their fleet operations. However, if the right fleet management service helps your fleet run more efficiently, the software will eventually pay for itself. With a GPS fleet management system, businesses can start seeing savings in:

The features and benefits of an effective fleet management solution help to offset certain business costs. Be sure to ask your fleet management service provider about extra costs for installation or monthly monitoring fees, and any contract terms that must be strictly followed. With Rastrac, your business can choose to go with or without a contract commitment.

Dependable Fleet Tracking Capabilities

The hardware and software of your fleet management service should always be dependable and ready to use whenever fleet managers or employees need it. You need to be sure the data collected from the fleet tracking device is accurate, and that the safety and security of your fleet operations are not compromised. The company you choose to provide your fleet management service should have longevity, a proven track record of innovation, and quality customer service/support.

An effective GPS fleet tracking solution should be able to:

  • Integrate smoothly with other service platforms;
  • Work with multiple networks to provide maximum reporting and coverage for any type of vehicle or asset;
  • Provide mobile service access so that tracking data can be viewed anytime, anywhere; and
  • Offer a customizable alert system that notifies fleet managers of specific occurrences, such as vehicle operational issues, theft, or unsafe driving behaviors.

While you may need a fleet management service that is affordable to your budget, you should never choose a GPS fleet management solution based solely on price. The right fleet management software and hardware should improve the efficiency of your operations while reducing costs at the same time. At Rastrac, we offer affordable and customizable fleet management solutions for multiple industry-specific operations.

Contact our service experts to learn more, or download one of our GPS tracking solutions guides to start learning how you can improve the performance of your fleet operations!New Call-to-action

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