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What You Need to Know About Fleet Management Software for Oil and Gas Rastrac Team | Aug 20, 2019 12:07:00 PM

Oil and gas fleets have a few unique challenges compared to transportation fleets in other industries. The petroleum products they carry on a regular basis can be hazardous, meaning vehicles must be operated with extra caution. Oil and gas fleets also need to be able to optimize productivity so they can deliver their products on time to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

For these reasons, oil and gas companies are constantly looking for ways to make their day-to-day operations safer and more efficient. Fleet management software is a valuable solution. Let’s explore how it can be used to accomplish these goals in your fleet!

What is Fleet Management Software?

Rastrac’s fleet management software uses satellite technology to triangulate the locations of vehicles, equipment, and other valuable assets that have been tagged with GPS tracking devices.

Our fleet management solutions can be used to track the exact location of any vehicle or mobile asset in real time, as well as provide data on fuel usage, vehicle conditions, and driver behaviors. With an interface that can be customized and labeled depending on the user and their industry, this solution can be specifically tailored to fit the needs of organizations in the oil and gas industry.

When oil and gas fleet managers are able to remotely track and monitor their fleets, it streamlines operations, reduces overhead costs for higher profit margins, and makes it possible to provide better customer service. Here are a few specific ways how.

How to Improve Operational Efficiency with Fleet Management Software

There are numerous ways that fleet management devices and GPS tracking software can help you identify and correct inefficiencies in your oil and gas fleet. Here are three major ones:

Leverage Vehicle Tracker Devices for Accurate Location Data

When a vehicle tracking device has been installed in one of your gas or oil vehicles, you’ll be able to pinpoint its exact location remotely and in-real time. This unbiased and verifiable data helps improve driver accountability by enabling fleet managers to track driver adherence to their safety guidelines and service schedule. Plus, with portable tracking device options such as the new RastracGo-Mini, fleet managers can still monitor their oil and gas vehicles with ease, even while they’re on-the-go.

Build Optimized Routes for Better Customer Service

With fleet management software, you’ll be able to build optimized routes that ensure your oil and gas vehicles aren’t taking congested or hard-to-navigate roads. This way, drivers can get to their destinations faster and with less frustration. This keeps product deliveries running smoothly and on-schedule—resulting in happy customers when the oil and gas they rely on to do business arrives on time. If there is ever an unplanned delay, you’ll be able to monitor the affected vehicle’s location in real-time to keep the customer updated on their new delivery time. This transparency can go a long way in building customer loyalty!

Eliminate Wasteful Fuel Consumption

If drivers are using vehicles for unauthorized reasons or personal errands, it can put extra miles on your oil and gas fleet that results in additional fuel use. Additionally, if your drivers don’t adhere to the optimized routes you’ve laid out for them through GPS tracking, it wastes fuel when they’re taking longer routes than necessary. Fleet management software provides mileage reports and location data so you can immediately identify if one of these issues is occurring. This way, you can correct those driver behaviors that are resulting in wasteful fuel consumption to lower overall fuel costs in your fleet.

How to Improve Fleet Safety with Fleet Management Software

Our fleet management solutions can do more than just provide GPS tracking data. Here are three ways they can also help improve safety in your oil and gas fleet:

Monitor Driver Behaviors

Fleet management software allows you to receive comprehensive reports on driver behaviors such as hard braking, acceleration rates, driving speed, and turning motions. When you are able to quickly identify a driver who is exhibiting patterns of unsafe driving, you can correct the problem with additional training before it results in a dangerous accident. This becomes especially important in oil and gas fleets where drivers are transporting flammable materials. Safer driving habits in your fleet keeps your drivers, vehicles, and the assets they’re carrying protected. Plus, it lowers your chance of having to pay the legal and insurance expenses associated with an accident.

Optimize Maintenance on Your Oil and Gas Fleet

Using fleet management devices with remote diagnostics helps fleet managers identify when vehicles are in need of preventative maintenance. This way, small repairs can be made proactively instead of having to make larger, more expensive repairs later. This saves you money while also protecting your drivers from the risk of total vehicle failure while they’re out in the field. By ensuring that your oil and gas fleet is properly maintained, you can have peace of mind that you drivers are always operating safe vehicles.

Recover Stolen Assets Sooner

Oil and gas vehicles often carry hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product, which makes them a large target for theft. If one of your vehicles has unfortunately fallen victim to theft, fleet management software allows you to continue monitoring the exact GPS location of the stolen asset. You can then relay it to the authorities as quickly as possible, greatly increasing the odds of recovering it intact. This way, the vehicle can be returned to service with minimized downtime and effects on your daily operations.

If you’re interested in implementing Rastrac’s fleet management solutions in your oil and gas business for optimized efficiency and safety, reach out to one of our experts today!

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