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How To Prevent Accidents And Increase Driver Safety With RastracView Brian Dziuk | Jun 25, 2019 1:19:00 PM

We’re excited to announce that Rastrac has introduced its newest fleet safety and GPS tracking app, RastracView! This cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) effectively transforms an everyday smartphone into a collision avoidance system, giving your drivers the power to develop safer driving habits.

The best part? This is all possible without the need for confusing, expensive, and difficult to implement third-party tools and technologies. Instead, this new option is simple, cost-effective, and convenient for drivers and fleet management alike! All your drivers need to do is download the app and place their phone in a dashboard cradle—that’s right, you can effectively change the behavior of your drivers using devices they already have and are familiar with using.

Ultimately, RastracView increases driver safety, productivity, and peace of mind for your entire fleet while minimizing your risk of facing the costs associated with unsafe driving. Here are three key ways how.

Monitoring Safety Scores

When using RastracView, each driver will receive a safety score for every trip they take. This safety score is generated based on factors such as their maximum and average speed, safe driving violations like hard braking, and acceleration/deceleration rates. It is then displayed on the app’s dashboard, giving each driver an immediate opportunity to recognize any unsafe driving habits and correct them in real-time.

This safety score is also shared with fleet management so they can monitor their driver’s habits from any remote location at any time. Fleet managers will also gain access to a comprehensive “report card” for each driver that allows them to see not only one-off safety scores, but patterns that show how their habits are improving or declining over time. This way, you can recognize and reward your safe drivers, or identify when it’s time to step in and provide additional training to employees who are starting to develop a pattern of unsafe driving habits.

Leveraging Accident Prevention Capabilities

For fleet management, accident prevention should always be a priority. Unsafe driving habits don’t just endanger your drivers—they also endanger your vehicles, the valuable assets they’re carrying, pedestrians, and other drivers and passengers on the road. RastracView has a variety of accident prevention capabilities that are designed to alert drivers of any driving violations and nearby threats so they can avoid getting into a dangerous accident in the first place.

One of these capabilities is in-vehicle driver coaching and crash detection. Varying degrees of audio and visual warnings will alert your drivers of potential collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, and road blocks. Additionally, with a lane departure warning system, drivers will receive immediate notifications if they are crossing out of their lane. This way, if a driver is distracted or not fully paying attention to the road, they’ll receive alerts until they’re back in their own lane. Plus, headway monitoring calculates the distance between your fleet vehicle and the car in front of them then recommends a safe following distance, helping to prevent tailgating behaviors that can result in a rear-end collision.

Navigating with Confidence

RastracView isn’t just a fleet safety app—it’s also a GPS tracking app that gives fleet management access to map-based, real-time location data for each of their vehicles. Plus, with built-in GPS navigation, your drivers will be able to determine the exact time and distance to their next location and build optimized routes that account for traffic and road hazards. They can then follow the route through both visual and audio commands so they aren’t having to regularly take their eyes off the road.

Let’s say a traffic jam or road closure means a vehicle must take an alternate route. An offline maps feature will help the driver get there confidently and safely even if their smartphone loses its network connection! Plus, since RastracView doubles as a GPS tracking device, you’ll be able to monitor the location of that vehicle as it travels along an unfamiliar route to ensure it arrives at its final location safely. Essentially, you can do it all with RastracView—effectively pinpoint your vehicle’s exact location in real-time and the conditions in which it is being driven with just one simple and streamlined app.

The bottom line? RastracView increases driver safety by empowering your drivers to develop better habits and enabling fleet management to monitor them remotely, easily, and inexpensively. This ultimately results in a safer, more well-informed driving experience for your employees that protects them, your vehicles and assets, and other travelers on the road.

At Rastrac, we’re passionate about enhancing safety and efficiency throughout your fleet, and we believe our valuable solutions can help get you there. If you’re ready to implement RastracView in your business today, reach out to one of our experts or request a software demo today!

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