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Manage Your Motor Pool & Increase Productivity With RastracDriver Brian Dziuk | Nov 19, 2019 1:30:00 PM

When developing a fleet management strategy for your motor pool, you want to increase productivity and streamline operations. If you operate or manage a motor pool vehicle, you know how time-consuming it can be to manually assign vehicles to different drivers, all while monitoring important data such as fuel usage, employee locations, and vehicle locations.

Well, we’re introducing a new solution: RastracDriver. A unique tool, RastracDriver reduces the time it takes to assign vehicles to employees and eliminates the need for a full-time employee to administer dispatches. RastracDriver enables fleet managers to keep track of critical data using GPS tracking, which can help your motor pool increase productivity, improve data collection, and effectively monitor driver activities.

What is a Motor Pool?

If you’re wondering if RastracDriver can help improve your shared fleet operations, you may be curious: what is a motor pool? Motor pool and motor pool operations are defined as a group of centrally controlled motor vehicles dispatched for a particular purpose. Motor pools are as diverse as they are numerous — fleets of military vehicles, police vehicles, and company vehicles are all examples of motor pools.

But where did this phrase come from? While the origin of the phrase “motor pool” can be traced back to different uses throughout history, the most common use is associated with the word “pool,” a collection of water, or in this case a collection of cars that are shared among different drivers. Other common phrases that relate to motor pool origin is the expression “pooling resources,” which refers to the practice of combining resources to be divided up and utilized among a group.

This concept is similar to how a motor pool works in practice. A company or organization with a fleet of motor vehicles “pool” their vehicles, and dispatch them using different drivers. Operating a successful motor pool requires the smart use of data to ensure that every motor pool vehicle is being utilized efficiently.

What is RastracDriver?

RastracDriver is a remote driver assignment tool. This solution helps streamline your motor pool operations so you can make the most of your motor pool. As the person responsible for your shared fleet operations, you want to increase productivity, get better data, and monitor the activities of your vehicles, assets, and drivers.

RastracDriver helps you maximize the efficiency of your fleet management strategy. It works through QR codes located inside of the vehicles in your fleet. Using this tool, a driver can quickly and easily scan the QR code, automatically assigning themselves to that vehicle for the duration of their shift.

If you have a motor pool where your motor pool vehicle or vehicles are shared by multiple drivers, RastracDriver, combined with GPS tracking, gives you critical insight so you can stay on top of not only vehicle data, but also driver data.

How Does RastracDriver Help Improve Your Motor Pool?

The most important question when considering any new solution or tool for your shared fleet operations is: “How will this — or will this — work for my fleet?” RastracDriver improves your motor pool operations by increasing productivity, providing improved data, and allowing you to monitor the activities of not only vehicles in your fleet but of individual drivers. Here are some of the ways that this solutions helps improve your vehicle fleet management:

Increase Productivity

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to fleet management. Using RastracDriver, you can increase productivity with ease by reducing the amount of time needed to manually assign vehicles. With a simple QR scan, a driver is ready to start their shift in seconds.

In addition, this simple process eliminates the need for a full-time employee to administer dispatches, saving your organization both time and cutting down on unnecessary costs. Using the RastracDriver software, drivers and fleet managers save time on administrative tasks and spend more time working.

Get Better Data

Data is a critical aspect of ensuring that your motor pool operations are running smoothly and efficiently. While your fleet might already have vehicle data through GPS tracking, the RastracDriver assignment tool gives you real-time information about not only your motor pool vehicle, but your drivers as well.

Using this software, you can verify the amount of time your drivers spend at locations, receive turn-by-turn data, set geofencing boundaries, and receive improved insights on fuel usage data. This valuable data gives you peace of mind by providing you with 24/7 access to the precise location of company vehicles and assets, as well as helping you streamline and improve your shared fleet operations.

Monitor Activities

Knowing the location and important data about your vehicles is important, but so is keeping track of your drivers and their activities. Using RastracDriver software, you can track arrivals and departures of employees, as well as have access to more advanced data about driving habits, including:

  • Deceleration and acceleration
  • Location, even on private roads
  • Routes
  • Speed
  • Turns

Using real-time alerts and notifications, you can stay informed about the activities that are important to you. By having access to this kind of real-time data, you are able to make effective decisions about your fleet and increase the productivity of your motor pool.

Ready to Implement RastracDriver in Your Fleet?

Our fleet management experts are here to answer your questions, provide insight, and specify how our new RastracDriver software can help your motor pool increase productivity, get better data, and monitor important activities.

If you’re ready to streamline your shared fleet operations, or are curious about how RastracDriver might work for your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us. Request a demo today to learn how Rastrac can help improve your motor pool operations.

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