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Add GPS Vehicle and Equipment Tracking to Your Holiday Wish List! Brian Dziuk | Dec 20, 2016 10:29:02 AM

GPS tracking isn't really a traditional stocking stuffer, but it is one that can help your company reap benefits throughout the year.2016 is almost over, and the holidays will soon be, too. However, it isn’t too late to give your business a gift that will keep on giving—GPS vehicle and equipment tracking.

Why Add GPS Vehicle and Equipment Tracking to Your Wish List?

You might be wondering how GPS will be a gift that keeps on giving to your business. Well, for starters, GPS tracking can:

  • Help Prevent Losses from Theft. Cargo theft remains a top concern for companies all across the USA. GPS tracking for vehicles and equipment can help businesses find stolen assets quickly and report their location to the police—increasing the likelihood of recovering stolen assets intact.
  • Reduce Your Insurance Premiums. Replacing stolen vehicles and equipment isn’t cheap, and this risk is often reflected in your company’s insurance premiums. However, because having GPS tracking devices on your vehicles and other high-value assets can reduce loss risks, some insurance providers may offer discounts on insurance for using GPS trackers.
  • Increase Your IFTA Report Accuracy. The quarterly IFTA fuel tax report can be a pain to deal with—especially when it comes to logging actual fuel use for each vehicle in the fleet. Discrepancies can lead to fines and investigations, which cost time and money. Using GPS reports of where vehicles traveled and how far can allow for vastly improved report accuracy—and even allow you to spot fuel theft/fraud so you can put a stop to it.

By reducing loss risks, lowering insurance premiums, and making quarterly IFTA tax reports easier to accurately fill out and file, GPS vehicle tracking systems can save your company an incredible amount of time and money over the course of a year.

The best part is that these aren’t the only ways that GPS tracking can help your company. Detailed GPS tracking data can allow a company to accurately monitor driving behaviors, quickly plan detours around congested traffic/closed roads, and keep drivers on task when they’re on the clock.

Getting Started is Easier Than You Might Think

For many, the thought of having yet another system to manage seems like a hassle. But, with the right GPS system and software, getting started with GPS is easier than you might think.

RASTRAC works with companies to help them get their GPS tracking devices properly installed, learn the software, and put that system into use to produce real results—whether you use 2 tracking devices or 2,000.

Get your company the gift of efficiency, safety, and cost savings with GPS tracking for your equipment and vehicles for the new year!

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