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2020 Fleet Management Software Trends Brian Dziuk | Jan 22, 2020 12:30:00 PM

Prepare your fleet for the new year (and the new decade!) with the latest fleet management software trends. The past year saw the fleet management software industry reach exponential increases in fleet technology growth—and it looks like this trend is not slowing down any time soon!

If you’re looking to optimize your fleet management software for efficiency and productivity, then don’t miss out with the latest updates.

Top 3 Fleet Management Software Trends for 2020

Here are three key fleet management software trends your fleet certainly won’t want to miss out on in 2020:

Telematics and Tracking

Fleet management software companies are not new to telematics and tracking. However, these features will be expanded upon in the coming year.

Telematics is the combination of computers and wireless technologies in order to convey fleet data over a variety of services. This influx of data can range from information on your employees’ driving habits to vehicle maintenance reminders. This upcoming year will see advancements in accuracy for even better ability to share important data, as well as better location accuracy.

Besides improving visibility for fleet managers into the status of fleet operations, telematics will be used to provide high-quality customer service. With more accurate GPS tracking software and efficient driving habits, fleets will be able to provide better ETA’s for their customers and drive customer satisfaction upwards throughout 2020.

High Visibility Features

Fleet security and safety features that give visibility into employee habits are becoming increasingly more popular. These features increase driver accountability and prevent against theft by giving an impartial record of driving habits and activities, as well as the vehicle’s outside environment. With high visibility software, fleet managers are able to gain insight into important fleet data such as a driver’s acceleration, deceleration, and idle time.

Modern technologies such as dash cams featuring forward and backwards facing cameras allow for more encompassing fleet management by providing increased visibility into driver behaviors and the environment surrounding vehicles. Cameras can provide insight into road conditions and of the jobsite even if the vehicle is parked, giving fleet managers the ability to monitor their drivers, vehicles, and assets even when they are not currently in use.

Artificial Intelligence in Fleet Management

Features powered by artificial intelligence (AI) software will be increasingly more prevalent in the fleet management industry in 2020. With AI and smart technology software, fleet management is becoming more efficient and adept at catching behaviors that can negatively affect your business.

Fleet management software with artificial intelligence encompasses high visibility features and telematics to provide unparalleled insight and monitoring. Thanks to modern technology, intelligent dashcams can be transformed into a collision avoidance system to detect near-misses and uneven driving. When integrated with telematics, AI software can also be used to connect iPads and iPhones to telematic reports, meaning fleet managers can gain access to temperature, humidity, and driving reports from the convenience of their phone.

How These Fleet Management Software Trends Will Help Improve Your Fleet

These trends can help improve your fleet management strategy in a variety of areas, ranging from increased employee safety to the ability to catch and course correct money draining habits early on.

Save Your Business Money

With more advanced fleet technology and telematics, fleet managers are able to gain visibility into essential fleet data that can provide insight into expensive habits. For example, telematics can help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption by providing MPG (miles per gallon) data and location tracking. Fleet managers can even use this technology to catch idle driving and unauthorized usage to reduce these habits and reduce fuel use, thereby saving money.

Additionally, AI features such as dash cams can also provide increased visibility and fleet security into jobsite conditions to protect your vehicles and assets from theft. Dash cams can also record illegal behavior and AI powered smart technology, like the remote starter disable, can prevent theft and the loss of money that comes from stolen vehicles and assets. With the remote starter disable feature, fleet managers can even shut off the vehicle’s starter remotely.

Though the initial cost of modern GPS tracking software is not free, greater ROI can be expected in the long run—making these 2020 fleet management software trends worth the investment..

Increase Driver Safety & Accountability

Fleet management features that give greater visibility into employee habits help to increase driver safety overall. Telematics provides an impartial record of driving behavior, including harsh acceleration and hard braking. Dash cams also record driver activities inside the vehicle, encouraging driver accountability. When drivers know they are being monitored with these kinds of digital tools, it helps them to adhere to driving safety guidelines and schedule adherence.

Smart technology features, such as Rastrac’s RastracView, now make it possible to turn a smartphone into a collision avoidance system with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). A safety score will be generated after each trip that includes factors such as maximum and average speed, acceleration rates, and harsh driving patterns. The safety score is shared with both the fleet manager and the driver and is also displayed on the app’s dashboard. The result is more well-informed fleet management that keeps your drivers, assets, vehicles, and other drivers on the road safer.

Provide Better Tracking

The more advanced GPS tracking software becomes, the more accurate location pinpointing will be. Better location accuracy will allow fleet managers to have more insight into vehicle arrival times at job sites and delivery times, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve your fleet’s efficiency.

The more precise the location tracking of your fleet is, the easier and more efficient your fleet management decisions can be. By knowing the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet, you can dispatch vehicles according to proximity to a service site. This way, drivers can get to their work sites faster—meaning less wait time for your customers and lower fuel consumption for your fleet.

Fleet management software with more accurate tracking telematics can also improve customer service. Your delivery business can provide customers with real-time ETAs to meet their delivery expectations, or to provide the real-time ETAs of your assets to clients. These tools can increase your customer satisfaction and keep your clients coming back for more, which will further drive your revenue.

Fleet Management Software Companies That Follow These Trends

These trends are followed by fleet management software companies that want to deliver cutting-edge products to their customers and provide them with the best options for driving efficiency in the new year.

Rastrac is one of those companies! We can be trusted with providing fleet management software that will improve your fleet management strategies and drive productivity forward into the new decade. Whether you’re looking for smart technology to monitor your vehicles or advanced telematics for assets, Rastrac can help find what you need.

Reach out to a Rastrac expert today to learn more or request a demo of our software in action!

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