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What is Telematics? Brian Dziuk | Aug 26, 2015 11:12:10 AM

Many people often wonder... what is telematics? The term telematics actually comes from the combining of two words: telecommunications and informatics. The word has become more commonly used to describe vehicle telematics, such as the tracking of vehicles and assets, and when information on their location is used in day-to-day business functions.

what is telematics

The History of Telematics

The internet and telematics were created and developed parallel to each other. When computers became more widely used and started to decrease in size, there became a need for a simple way to exchange data. That led to the idea of connecting computers via telecommunications. Thus, telematics came to be. 

After that, the size of computer processors continued to go down in size, while telecommunication networks went up in size, becoming more prevalent and competent in sending data. Regardless of where a vehicle is traveling, GPS devices are able to use their internal "computer" to send live data via cell networks or satellite for efficient fleet management. 

The Use of Telematics Today

Now, there are numerous ways in which telematics can be used. As everyone and everything becomes more connected, programs and applications that need data based on location are becoming more popular.

Fleet management software, which is actually a category of telematics, is the main way companies are now managing their fleets, whether they are large or small. From a simple computer screen, speed, location, stops, hard braking, and more can be viewed. 

What is the Future of Telematics?

The vehicle telematics industry is growing by leaps and bounds. As more fleet managers in various industries recognize the need for having the ability to closely monitor their vehicles and assets while reducing overall costs, the telematics industry keeps getting bigger. Because of this, more and more telematics companies are starting up every day. Which is why if you are looking at partnering with a company for fleet management needs, it is extremely wise to go with a well-established company.

RASTRAC, in business since 1993, is just such a company. We are a leader and innovator in vehicle telematics solutions. If you have any questions about vehicle telematics and their solutions in helping fleet management, contact us today for a free consultation and demonstration. 

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