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Case Study: Rastrac Recovers Stolen Refrigeration Unit Rastrac Team | Sep 13, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Rastrac announces a case study detailing how their GPS asset tracking system was able to recover a refrigeration rental unit that had been stolen in a rural South Carolina town.

While there are numerous reasons to utilize GPS tracking for assets and fleet vehicles, the ability to pinpoint the exact location of your company’s property can truly save the day – as in this case.

When one of their portable refrigeration rental units vanished into thin air one Sunday afternoon, Polar Leasing didn’t bat an eye worrying about tracking it down.

Within minutes of getting the call that the unit had been stolen, the company pinged the unit’s location to a vast, cluttered property down the road. Officials noted the unit would have been impossible to find from just looking down the road; GPS tracking was the only way the unit would have been found. 

RAS_062_OFF - Polar Leasing Theft Case Study 3D CoverDOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY

Since 1993, Rastrac has been helping organizations all over the world experience more efficient fleet operations and reduce their operating expenses. Rastrac is a leading provider of GPS tracking devices and remote asset tracking systems, with solutions that empower companies of all sizes to conduct more effective fleet management practices.

Polar Leasing has been partnered with Rastrac since 2018 to provide them the increased visibility enabled by Rastrac’s fleet management capabilities. Since Polar Leasing is headquartered in Indiana, being able to track the exact location of their nearly 2,000 refrigeration units all over the country is a must.

With Rastrac’s GPS tracking, the fleet managers at Polar Leasing have a peace of mind about their asset location and safety. 

“This has made our jobs significantly easier. Our main goal in working with Rastrac was to find out where everything was at all times. We love the GPS tracking feature, as our assets move all over the country.” 

- Joe O’Keefe, operations manager at Polar Leasing

Read the rest of the story by checking out the case study yourself! For more information about how you can protect your assets against theft, reach out to the experts at Rastrac today.


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