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Take Your New Asset Tracking Device Anywhere with RastracGo Rastrac Team | Nov 1, 2017 12:25:13 PM

RastracGo is the next step of Rastrac's live tracking software systemIf you are tired of not having up-to-date knowledge about the location or condition of your assets, we’ve got your back. RastracGo, a small, portable tracker that looks similar to a keycard that integrates with your Rastrac live tracking software system, enables you to track your assets efficiently and in a convenient, space-saving method. Because of its size, it is convenient for tracking a package, container, crate, medical device or a pharmaceutical shipment.

Let's explore some of the specifics about this asset tracker and how it can help improve your business through enhanced asset monitoring capabilities.

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Enhanced Tracking Capabilities

RastracGo is able to track assets anywhere in the world that receives cell, Global Positioning System (GPS) or wi-fi service. Fully customizable, RastracGo reports updates at set intervals so you can receive reports as frequently or infrequently as you desire — as frequently as every five minutes, or as minimally as once per day.

Inside the device is a powerful GT-200 tracking module and SIM card, which enables communication to you via cellular tower signals about the condition of your property. The device is able to detect humidity, speed, light, pressure, noise and temperature, enabling you to know the conditions in which your assets are traveling.

A Battery That Lasts

The expected battery life per charge for RastracGo can last anywhere between two weeks and four months, depending on your preferred setting.

  • GPS mode: Setting the device to GPS mode will provide the most accurate, timely location data but also will drain the battery more quickly.
  • Battery saving mode: While providing less accurate data, this setting will help extend the life of your battery.

Now that you know what RastracGo entails, let’s explore how it can help to improve or enhance your business.

How to Use It for Tracking Your Assets

RastracGo's compact size makes it easy to fit your tracker in any size container, no matter how big or small. You could hide it in something as small as an envelope or as large as a shipping container. If you are mailing a package, you may want to set your device to provide hourly updates because your shipping time will be relatively short. If you're using it track large shipping crates, you may want to have it set to provide daily updates.  

Protection for Your Investment

Between $300 million and $1 billion is estimated to be lost annually in the United States due to construction theft, according to a 2014 study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and National Equipment Register (NER).

GPS technology is helpful in preventing theft of vehicles and equipment through deterrence and also by aiding in the recovery of those items if they are stolen. By tracking the conditions of your assets, you can proactively prevent potential disaster by knowing the location of your assets, even during non-business hours, and also decrease the risk of your items being stolen.

Rastrac is a leader in the GPS fleet tracking and asset software and management industry. Connect with us today to learn how we can help enhance your business operations through reliable and industry-trusted GPS tracking and fleet management. 

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