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A Fleet Dash Camera to Protect Your Drivers and Assets Brian Dziuk | Feb 11, 2020 1:15:00 PM

Roughly $6 billion was lost due to motor vehicle theft in 2018. For a business that relies on its fleet vehicles, having vehicles (and the assets they carry) stolen or damaged can lead to a huge loss of revenue—such as the replacement costs of stolen goods and vehicles, lost productivity from missing fleet assets, and increases to insurance premiums. But, how can you have your eyes everywhere when your vehicles could be hundreds of miles away?

Thanks to modern technology, there is a new solution! According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the $6 billion lost in 2018 (while still high) was lower than losses from previous years. This is due to measures including improved anti-theft technologies and vehicle safety tools, such as GPS tracking and car cameras, that provide new and improved ways to have your eyes everywhere at all times.

Rastrac’s new dash cam system, RastracVision, is one of them. It allows you to capture both the driver and the road so you can be rest assured that your fleet is in good hands. What will that mean for your fleet? Get ready to find out!

Vehicle Video Protection for Your Fleet Management

RastracVision is a vehicle dash camera that enables enhanced fleet management through its dual HD cameras that capture both the road and the driver. Our dashboard video camera surveillance detects suspicious and unusual activity, even when the car is off. Plus, with dual HD cameras, you can track and monitor the driver at the same time as the road and surrounding areas.

Having vehicle video protection for your fleet is the ultimate standard in security. RastracVision’s vehicle video system can capture break-ins, accidents, risky driving, and more—all in real time.

How Vehicle Video Protection Works

RastracVision’s video surveillance has two HD car cameras, so there will always be constant vigilance on both the road and the driver. The vehicle's video recorder stores the last 120 hours of footage locally so it can be referenced as needed. Included below are the features of RastracVision:

True 4G LTE

RastracVision has built-in 4G LTE data connection, so you can have access to the 24/7 camera and the HD vehicle video recorder history instantly.

Dual HD Car Cameras

Equipped with a 1440p road-facing and 720p driver-facing HD vehicle video cameras, RastracVision allows you to have eyes on both your drivers and the road.

Live View & Listen

See and hear what's going on in real-time through the vehicle video camera as if you were right there in the vehicle with your driver.

Embedded Storage

The vehicle video recorder stores 120 hours (enough to fully record 15 eight-hour driving shifts) of footage so you can retrieve and review it if necessary.

Monitor Location through GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking helps to improve your fleet management by instantly knowing the driving direction and location of all your vehicles in real-time. This is a key anti-theft technology that helps aid the recovery of lost or stolen fleet vehicle assets.

Easy Installation

Setting up RastracVision’s vehicle video system is hassle-free with a simple and easy five minute install!

Benefits of Using Vehicle Video Protection for Your Fleet

Safeguard Commercial Drivers

Installing RastracVision not only improves your fleet management practices, but increases the safety of your drivers. Vehicle video as a preventative measure against crime protects your drivers, vehicles, assets, and your reputation as a business.

A fleet outfitted with GPS tracking and car cameras is better protected against theft, motor accidents, road rage, and dangerous driving. RastracVision's stored video surveillance can help protect your business' reputation, assist law enforcement officers, simplify dealing with insurance, and identify the cause of a crash. The GPS location data helps speed along recovery efforts, increasing the chances of recovering a lost or stolen vehicle before it is too late.

Protect Commercial Assets

Additionally, RastracVision allows you to have a personal look at your fleet’s daily operations. Through video surveillance, you can improve your fleet management operations by monitoring your fleet’s efficiency and verifying that drivers are not misusing their time. The vehicle video data also allows you to evaluate driver performance. Since car cameras provide an impartial record of driving behaviors, it increases driver accountability and allows fleet managers to evaluate driver’s adherence with schedule and safety requirements.

With the protection offered by RastracVision, fleet managers can rest assured that their drivers and their assets are being protected by the best in vehicle video security.

Ready to Implement RastracVision in Your Fleet?

If you’re ready to install RastracVision in your own fleet, or are curious about how vehicle video protection might work for your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us. Request a demo today to learn how Rastrac can help protect your fleet and your business through RastracVision and our other comprehensive fleet management solutions!

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