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Tutorial: Setting up a Geofence within RASTRAC SEOadmin | Feb 5, 2014, 10:15:00 AM

Geofences can be an extremely valuable tool when it comes to managing your assets

Sometimes, there are certain areas that you may need to pay closer attention to, such as a job site or your office. If you want to know when a worker arrives at a location as it is happening, then you need a geofence.

Setting up a Geo-fence Within RASTRAC

RASTRAC can alert you when a vehicle is either arriving or leaving an important area with an SMS message or an email . You can of course run detailed reports on this later as well.

To start making a geofence, make sure that you are on the Live Tracking screen as seen here.

Live tracking, Rastrac

Zoom in so the map encompasses the desired region for your Geofence. Next, select the “MAP” tab here on the left side of your screen.

live tracking, maps

Then, next to where you see “Display Geofences,” click on the plus symbol to add a Geofence.

display geofences

You will notice that you have two options for the type of geofence you would like to create. For this tutorial, select the “polygon” option.

create geofence

A green dialogue box will then appear at the top of your screen. Now, click anywhere on the map where you would like to start the construction of your geofence.

We will start our demonstration fence at this corner. Just click the spot where you want your fence to begin. You’ll notice a white circle will appear. You can click and drag this circle anywhere you want if you didn’t quite get it exactly right the first time. Just release the mouse button, and you’re good to go.
Now, click the next spot on the map where you would like to continue the geofence, and continue doing so until you have enclosed the entire area.

Once the fence is connected, you can stretch and shrink these points by simply clicking and dragging the spots like this. You can always undo any moves by clicking on this arrow at any time.


Now that our fence is complete, we will just click “done” in the green dialogue box at the top of the screen.


You will receive a prompt to name your geofence, and you can customize it further by selecting what color you would like for the outline that will appear on the map. Now, we click OK, and our geofence is complete!

All of the geofences that you create will be listed here on the “MAP” tab. You have the option to have them all displayed or hidden by simply checking or unchecking the box next to “display geofences.” Real-time notifications can now be set using these geofences.

Make note that the number of geofences that can be created may be limited. If you have already created the maximum number of geofences, you will be notified when you try to create a new one.

It’s that easy!

If you should have further questions, always feel free to contact us here at Rastrac Support.

Watch a video tutorial here:



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