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Tech Minute Video:
The Value of Preventative Maintenance

Javier Otiz
Project Consultant
Javier joined the Rastrac team back in August 2005 and currently is a Project Consultant working with partners to provide GPS tracking and fleet management solutions in order to improve efficiency.


Hello, Javier here again with a new Rastrac Tech Minute. Today’s topic is The Value of Preventative Maintenance.

Everyone knows the obvious benefits to preventative maintenance. If your vehicle is not working properly, it may have never left the yard for work and it is not producing any revenue for the company. Or, it broke down out in the world, where the Fleet Manager has to actually send another vehicle and person out to fix it or tow it back. Then, it’s a double hit to production and the budget.

Less impacting, but equally important, are the other consequences of not maintaining your vehicles properly. Did you know that a poorly tuned engine wastes an inordinate amount of fuel compared to an engine that runs well? Did you know that aggressive driving habits, wear out a vehicle much faster than if it was driven sensibly? One of our customers had to replace the transmissions in two of his trucks in the first year of use. This was caused by his driver’s aggressive driving habits and once he implement Rastrac, his drivers immediately started speeding less, braking less harshly and accelerating at a normal clip, not to mention not hitting those speed bumps at 40 MPH. 

So, how do you make sure your vehicles get the preventive maintenance they need on a consistent basis? Do you use a spreadsheet and have to consult it every day or every other day? While that may work, it is cumbersome and tends to be inaccurate if not updated frequently, which is a lot of work for even for an average sized fleet.

We know this is complicated and needs a good bit of attention, so we developed a comprehensive maintenance reporting module in Rastrac that can be set for tune ups, oils changes, tire rotation, fluid checks, engine light on and many other parameters, even registration date reminders. Once you set up a vehicle or group of vehicles, Rastrac just runs in the background and will alert you to maintenance intervals that are coming up based on mileage and/or the calendar. Add and delete vehicles as they go in and out of service and produce service reports for resale of the vehicles.

So, you see, Rastrac has you covered for preventive maintenance and can even help you develop policies and procedures for use with the system.

Give me a call and let’s chat about it.

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