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Tech Minute Video: Engineered Solutions

Javier Otiz
Project Consultant
Javier joined the Rastrac team back in August 2005 and currently is a Project Consultant working with partners to provide GPS tracking and fleet management solutions in order to improve efficiency.


Hey there, Javier here with another Tech Minute. Great to be back with you in 2019.

Today I’m going to talk to you about customizing your fleet management platform to achieve the goals that are unique to you and your company. In our 25 years in the fleet management business we have seen a trend develop in most, if not all of the GPS tracking companies out there and that is, they only offer their customers Off-the-Shelf solutions. In other words, if it’s not a standard feature of the platform, you can’t have it.

Rastrac thinks that’s a narrow approach to customers, so we strive to offer our customers engineered solutions that truly deliver what they need to enable them to reach their goals. For instance, we have one rental equipment customer that must comply with a state requirement of providing a specific report on construction equipment usage every week. The report is very detailed and had to look just like the state’s paper report. So Rastrac designed that report to integrate into our platform and the customer is now able to comply with automated digital reports that come directly from the system. Sound simple? Ask another fleet management company for the same thing and see what you get.

That’s just one example of what we have done to help our customers with engineered solutions over the years. In one of our customers we have come up with a way to help them prevent theft of assets before it happens. Other companies in our space only offer the ability to track the asset after it’s stolen and try to help with the recovery of the asset. While that’s important, it doesn’t always work and the customer still has to deal with the police and insurance headaches. 

Another example of a custom solution we have delivered has to do with refrigerated storage. Other companies are happy to monitor the temperature and possibly door-open sensor. Rastrac help clients monitor temperature, door-open, compressor pressure, battery level and almost anything else you can think of. And, we don’t bury our customers in unnecessary alarms. We have developed a way to only alert the customer of something out of norm if it has a specific duration.

One last example for now.... We have a customer that determines routes for his vehicles for delivering products and wanted a way to use a geofence to keep track of the vehicles on their specific routes. We have had corridor geofences for many years that require the customer to draw them on the map individually. Now, we have developed the ability to determine a route, see the driver use that route and if it is correct, hit a button and our platform will automatically create a corridor geofence on the map for all future activity. That saves the customer a lot of time and allows them to tinker with the routes easily.

These are just a few of the custom engineered solutions we have delivered to our customers. And, due to the flexibility and versatility of our platform these changes can be made quickly and easily. Maybe that’s why our customers have been with us for many years. Give us a call or go to www.Rastrac.com to see how we can help you.

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