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Tech Minute Video:
Fleet Management for Heavy Equipment and RV Rental

Javier Otiz
Project Consultant
Javier joined the Rastrac team back in August 2005 and currently is a Project Consultant working with partners to provide GPS tracking and fleet management solutions in order to improve efficiency.


Hello, it’s Javier back again with another Rastrac Tech Minute.

Today I’d like to speak to you about Asset Rental and how fleet management is especially important to those in the Heavy Equipment and RV Rental business.

First, let’s look at the problems with renting heavy equipment or RVs. Most of the time you are renting to strangers or customers that you may or may not know. And, we all know the knock on renting to people that have no loyalty to your business. They don’t care about your property, Period! And, they will promise to take good care of it and not take it where it doesn’t belong. They’ll promise not to drive it aggressively or not to use it when they aren’t supposed to. Lastly, they’ll promise not to take advantage of you by putting more hours and/or distance on it than bargained for.

You’ve been around the block a time or two, right? So, you know 99% of the time those promises are empty. So, what can you do about it? Well, I’ll tell you; Implement a fleet management system to track all of your assets when in the hands of renters!

Not only will you know where the asset is at all times, you will be alerted when it travels someplace you don’t want it to go. Also, you will know how aggressively it is being operated; how many hours the engine is on and how many miles it has traveled. You’ll be alerted when your asset needs preventive maintenance, when the battery is low and know when it is heading back into your shop hours before it gets there. You can even disable the starter, if you need to. That way, if you’re alerted it is going someplace without your permission, like the border or it’s been reported stolen, you can make sure it won’t start again once the engine is turned off.

And, here’s the good part…all of this reporting can be set up and forgotten. You’ll see only the information you need, when you need it. And, the data collected can be analyzed later to see trends and make adjustments to your interaction with customers. This can only help your business operate better and assure the safety of your customers.

Don’t operate in the dark. Take advantage of Rastrac’s fleet management program to protect your heavy equipment or RV assets and your entire rental business. Rastrac can easily show you how the service pays for itself very quickly. Give us a call or request a demo on our website.

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