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Tech Minute Video:
More Than Just Dots on a Map

Javier Otiz
Project Consultant
Javier joined the Rastrac team back in August 2005 and currently is a Project Consultant working with partners to provide GPS tracking and fleet management solutions in order to improve efficiency.


Hey there, it’s me again…Javier from Rastrac with another tech minute. Today’s tech minute is about how different business verticals use fleet management to solve problems and create value for their companies and government entities.

Almost all business verticals are alike when it comes to one feature of GPS-based fleet management for their vehicles and assets. That feature is the ability to see your vehicles and assets locations on a web-based mapping program; “dots-on-a-map” so to speak. Construction, Equipment Rental, Mobile Services, Public Safety, Storage and Refrigeration all need to see where their vehicles and/or assets are at any given time.

We call it location awareness, and this covers a lot of ground for our clients. Of course, our customers in all verticals want to know where their property is just because not knowing means they’ve don’t have the control of their fleet they should have. And, they can’t tell their management precisely whether or not their employees are doing their jobs correctly. So, the location of your property is a good start, but not even close to all the value it can bring to your company and you.

All of the business verticals mentioned above can use location awareness to accomplish multiple operational goals and really make their fleets run at its highest level of efficiency. Location awareness is not about “dots-on-a-map” it is about the value of having the information you need to make great decisions about your fleet and your drivers.

Location awareness with Rastrac can help you achieve these objectives: 

  • Change the behavior of your drivers, so they become better performing employees that are safer, more effective and capable of taking on more responsibility
  • Control your fleet costs and know where every penny goes so you can eliminate waste and increase the value the fleet brings to your company
  • Reduce the occurrence of theft and mitigate the consequences in lost dollars and lost production
  • Produce accurate reporting to upper management so they understand the value of the decisions you make and agree with your plans for the future of the fleet

We’ll even help you with developing typical standard operating procedures that can be monitored by the system. So, once you have implemented Rastrac’s GPS-based fleet management system, you are off and running. You won’t believe what positive strides you can make in productivity and efficiency with the system.

It’s all about value to the company and you. Let us show you how Rastrac creates value for you and your fleet well beyond anything you can anticipate. We even encourage you to chat with our current customers. All GPS based tracking companies can show you “dots-on-a-map”, but Rastrac can help you get the most value out of it.

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