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Solve These 3 Issues with a Police GPS Tracker Brian Dziuk | Sep 14, 2018 12:27:09 PM

The increasing dangers and challenges that law enforcement professionals face each day make it so that GPS fleet management systems are a must for these types of organizations. Agile and reliable police GPS devices make it so that you can:

  • Increase visibility into your fleet
  • Increase the safety of your employees and community
  • Reduce fleet operating costs
  • Improve performance
  • Make your fleet management operations more efficient

However, in many cases, the technologies or GPS fleet management services that are available are complicated, cumbersome, and make it so that you or your team has too much information to wade through to be effective. Considering that the overarching purpose of using a police GPS management system is to make things more efficient for you and your team, many of these systems hinder those efforts.

Here are three of the issues that can be solved with a high-quality law enforcement GPS tracking system that uses police GPS tracking devices.

Addressing Fleet Management Issues with a Police GPS Tracker

1. Achieving Greater Visibility Into Your Fleet Operations

A Rastrac GPS fleet tracking system increases fleet visibility, which helps to improve safety for everyone — officers, criminals, and members of the general public alike. You can know where each member of your team is at any given moment when their vehicles are equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking device, increasing their safety without them having to report their locations manually.

This increased visibility means that if a police officer or deputy presses the distress button on the radio, you can use the emergency vehicle GPS tracking device that coordinates to dispatch additional units and medical emergency personnel to the exact location quickly and efficiently. This capability helps to reduce your response time by several minutes, which can make all the difference in the world to a law enforcement officer’s safety. After all, every second counts in an emergency.

Additionally, knowing the location of each vehicle through the use of an accurate GPS vehicle tracker can help your organization increase efficiency by being able to dispatch the closest available unit. This decreases response times and can help to save your department potentially thousands of dollars in unnecessary fuel costs.

A significant fleet management benefit of equipping each vehicle with a police GPS tracker is that it can help to spur adjustments in employee driving behaviors. Rastrac helped Hidalgo County and its Constable Precinct 4 solve these issues, along with many others, leading them to receive a best practices award from the Texas Association of Counties for implementing a GPS vehicle tracking program. Through the program, the county was able to reduce fuel costs by $25,000, reduce incidents of employee speeding in county vehicles, and cut fleet idle time, saving the public significant money in overhead costs and potential fines.

Watch to learn how else Rastrac’s GPS fleet tracking system helped them improve efficiency, increase safety, and save money.



2. Improving Fleet Efficiency to Improve Performance

 Achieving fleet efficiency is frequently a struggle for many law enforcement fleet managers. While keeping officers and members of the community safe is paramount, there are other areas of concern that you also need to address as a publicly-funded government organization — such as finding ways to improve fleet efficiency so you can get more done with less and better serve your community.

Thankfully, fleet management with Rastrac’s police GPS tracking devices is more than just showing dots on a map. By implementing Rastrac’s law enforcement GPS tracking into your fleet, you’ll gain instant visibility into your fleet in many areas, enabling you to know:

  • Where your vehicles are at any time
  • How regularly each of your vehicles is maintained or repaired to extend the life of your fleet vehicles
  • What areas can achieve improvement by identifying and addressing inefficiencies
  • How much fuel is being wasted
  • How efficiently each of your officers spends their time in the field

3. Finding Ways to Reduce Fleet Overhead Costs

GPS fleet tracking systems for law enforcement are essential to helping to reduce overhead costs. Tracking fleet vehicle preventative maintenance and repairs, adjusting employee driving behaviors, and making your patrol routes and dispatches more efficient are just a few of the ways that you can help your organization — and, by proxy, the taxpayers — save money.  

Rastrac is a GPS fleet tracking systems expert that serves companies and organizations on nearly every continent. Our team of fleet management experts tracks more than $1.5 billion in vehicles and other assets for companies worldwide.

To learn more about how Rastrac’s law enforcement GPS tracking can help to increase fleet efficiency, safety, and benefit your department in other ways, be sure to check out our complimentary guide by clicking on the link below.

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