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RastracGo Features For Your Fleet Operations Rastrac Team | Nov 8, 2017 3:57:06 PM

RastracGo card When searching for a new vehicle and asset tracking system to enhance your fleet operations, you likely have struggled to find a solution that meets your needs.

But the wait is now over: we’ve launched RastracGo, a highly portable fleet and asset tracking solution. This versatile global location reporting device reports on more than just your asset’s location — all while being small and light enough to fit in your wallet.

Because RastracGo conveniently integrates with your existing Rastrac live tracking software system, it means that you won’t have to be burdened with investing in new software.

Let’s explore some the attributes of RastracGo that can help you enhance your fleet management capabilities. 

1: A One-Size-Fits-All Design

Because RastracGo is literally the size of a credit card, it can be used to conveniently meet your traditional and nontraditional shipping needs. It is small enough to comfortably fit inside a thin envelope, package, or even your pocket. Its small, innovative design features a built-in keyring hole, which enables you to easily and efficiently secure it to a shipping container or to carry it on a keychain.

2: Enhanced Tracking

So long as cell, Global Positioning System (GPS), or wi-fi service is available, RastracGo can track your devices anywhere in the world. Each card is equipped with a Subscriber Information Module (SIM) card port, which enables your device to communicate via cell towers, and a GT-200 tracking module.

You can use this tracking information to help make more informed decisions about shipping routes and potentially help your company save money by cutting down on unnecessary fuel waste.

3: Environmental Monitoring

Want to know in what conditions your assets are traveling? Now you can. RastracGo is capable of detecting a number of conditions, including the ambient temperature, humidity, light and noise. These features can be particularly helpful when transporting perishable items, temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and a variety of shipping containers.

With its enhanced accelerometer and pressure sensors, this reporting device also will inform you about how quickly your products are traveling and how much they are being jostled. This helps you know if your fleet is being used most effectively and equipment is being operated safely. It also can help you to cut down on unnecessary costs by cutting down on avoidable product damage, fuel waste, and expensive repairs that result from dangerous driving driving habits.

4: Customizable Battery Options

RastracGo features battery-saving options that will benefit your fleet operationsRastracGo has customizable power-saving options and settings. You can choose to set your device to report updates daily or at intervals as short as 5 minutes. When set to regular mode (also known as GPS mode), it provides the most up-to-date location data. However, you also have the option of setting your device to battery saving mode, which can extend the life of your battery. This will enable your device to operate for up to 4 months on a single charge.

Discover how RastracGo can boost the asset tracking capabilities of your business. If you’re ready to make the investment in your fleet operations, speak with one of our experts to get started today.

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