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Protecting Your Assets with GPS Equipment Tracking Rastrac Team | Aug 5, 2015 3:19:00 PM

GPS tracking isn't just for a fleet of vehicles. You also want to protect your assets that may or not be connected to a power course. GPS equipment tracking is an ideal solution for the construction industry, municipalities, rental equipment companies, and many more industries that have expensive assets that are high targets for thieves. 

GPS Equipment Tracking

How can you track assets with GPS?

With the installation of a GPS tracking device on the equipment, you are able to track the assets. There are battery-powered GPS tracking devices for devices with no power source, and devices that can connect to the asset's power source if there is one. 

How does the GPS tracking system report?

Your GPS tracking equipment will be programmed to report with a location from a variety of different time periods. You can get live tracking with constant reporting, updates at any time interval you wish, notifications when a device moves, or whenever you request to get an instant update from the tracking software. 

How will a business see a benefit with equipment tracking?

The installation of a GPS tracking system will give you access to data you never thought possible. Added to that, is the benefit of knowing where your assets are at any given time. This is particularly useful in the case of theft. If you have an active, reporting device on anything that is stolen, you are able to see exactly where that equipment is located and notify the police. Plus, you are able to receive instant alerts via text message or e-mail whenever a device exits its assigned location. This is done through the use of geofencing

How do you know which GPS tracking device will work best for you?

There are a wide variety of GPS tracking devices available, and more come on the market every day. The best way to know which options will be best for you is to contact a professional who can ask you the appropriate questions about your needs. The sales professionals at RASTRAC know how to make sure you get all of your needs met. Contact us today to learn more. 

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