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4 Ways to Increase Police Patrol Officer Safety on the Roads Brian Dziuk | Dec 18, 2018 1:36:00 PM

During the holidays, traffic accidents see an increasing amount of activity. An article from Huffington Post reports that the holiday season sees, on average, a 34% increase in automobile crashes, a 38% increase in fatalities, and a 34% increase in incapacitating injuries. The staggering amount of traffic accidents this time of year puts a significant amount of pressure on police patrol officers and jeopardizes their safety while on the road.

How GPS Fleet Tracking Increases Police Safety

Solutions to improve the safety of police officers is an increasing priority. One method that is being utilized is the integration of GPS fleet tracking devices and software for the management of marked and unmarked police units. GPS tracking for police vehicles is being implemented in precincts across the country to aid officers in:

  • Increasing fleet visibility;
  • Increasing safety for police officers and their communities;
  • Reducing fleet operating costs; and
  • Improving performance.

The right fleet management software is essential to enhancing the efficiency of police activity during the holiday season. Here are just four of the ways GPS tracking significantly impacts the safety of law enforcement while they serve and protect our communities:

1. Real-Time Fleet Tracking

The most beneficial reason for installing a fleet tracking device into a police cruiser is the ability to pinpoint an officer’s exact location. Quick response times are vital to maintaining the safety of the officer as well as the public. A miscommunication can make a dangerous situation even worse. If a tagged patrol officer makes a distress call, the GPS tracking system can transmit a squad car’s current location, locate the fastest route to the destination, and pinpoint the location of other emergency services so precincts can dispatch the closest available unit to provide aid.

2. Collect and Monitor Vehicle Data

Just like with dashboard and body cams, GPS fleet tracking software helps law enforcement officials maintain transparency and accountability. An efficient fleet management system monitors where and when a patrol officer’s car travels. These tools are helpful ways to build trust between law enforcement and the public. GPS tracking is also a great tool for helping reduce fuel costs. Fleet tracking software can collect enough data to:

  • Improve route planning and assigned route enforcement;
  • Identify drivers who brake harshly or quickly accelerate; and
  • Determine when vehicles spend extended time idling.

3. Monitor Driving Behaviors

A concern for any fleet manager is making sure their police officers are performing well in the field and following correct safety practices when driving. An officer that drives recklessly or continuously goes over the speed limit represents their department poorly. It not only increases the risk for more fatal crashes, but it endangers the lives of the public they are sworn to protect. Installing a GPS tracking device with a 3-axis accelerometer will provide an alert if a driver is going over the speed limit, braking hard, or rapidly accelerating. 

4. Maintenance Reminders for Reduced Vehicle Repair

Because a police cruiser experiences significantly more wear and tear than a civilian car, regular maintenance checks are necessary. Preventative maintenance is vital so that police departments have working vehicles and can respond to emergencies immediately. 

Integrating a GPS tracking device with a vehicle’s diagnostic system can make fleet managers aware of the condition of the engine, when oil changes are necessary, and when brakes should be replaced. Monitoring your vehicle’s performance and scheduling maintenance reminders using a reliable fleet tracking software program can greatly reduce costs so that minor issues don’t become large and expensive repairs. 

We understand and appreciate that law enforcement officers risk their lives daily to ensure that we, as civilians, can live safely in our communities. As a leading company in fleet management systems, Rastrac is fully committed to offering only the best services to increase the overall safety and protection of police officers and the communities they serve. Learn more about our GPS tracking solutions for law enforcement with our complimentary guide below, or contact us to speak with a representative!

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