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Top Fleet Management Methods For Public Safety Officers Brian Dziuk | May 16, 2019 11:13:00 AM

Every single day, public safety officers work diligently to protect and serve the communities in which they operate. These officers rely on various tools and technologies to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. One of the tools they rely on the most is their vehicle.

Fleet management devices can help public safety officers make the most out of their vehicles so they can keep themselves and civilians safe. Fleet vehicle tracking solutions have been successfully implemented in public safety departments across the nation with major benefits such as:

  • Increased safety for officers on the job;
  • Improved emergency response times;
  • Optimized route planning and coverage; and
  • Reduced fuel and operational costs.

How? We’ve broken down three fleet management methods that can transform the way public safety officers operate, and what that means for them as well as the citizens they serve.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of public safety vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars can help reduce emergency response times while optimizing coverage and routes. First responders to an emergency call are always racing against the clock, and the longer it takes for them to arrive at the scene, the greater the risk is for more severe injuries and damages. Fleet management software enables responders to quickly navigate the best possible route to the source of a call, minimizing travel time and how long someone is left waiting for help.

Additionally, it can be hard for patrol vehicles to maintain an efficient and consistent presence on the streets if fleet managers don’t have access to accurate data about where their vehicles are. While having too many vehicles in a small area is inefficient, having them too far apart can mean slower emergency response times. This is a problem that police GPS tracking can help solve!

By being able to easily keep track of where your patrol cars are in the field, you can optimize and adjust their routes in real time. Also, when an emergency call comes in, dispatch can quickly identify which vehicle is the closest so they can get there as quickly as possible.


RastracGo is a small, highly portable GPS tracking device with the ability to provide location tracking anywhere in the world with cell phone service, GPS, or Wi-Fi. These devices can be customized to report at specific intervals, such as every 30 minutes, hour, or once a day. This way, users can prioritize either battery life of the device or frequency of location data. This means fleet managers or public safety officers that are constantly on the go can still keep track of where their vehicles or supporting officers are located.

RastracGo is also capable of detecting ambient light, noise, humidity, and temperature inside a vehicle. This allows you to verify that your public safety officers are working in a safe environment.


PocketRastrac is a mobile GPS tracking app that can turn an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet into a GPS tracker. With our PocketRastrac app, you can conveniently track your employees and assets without having to purchase costly hardware—all you need is a device that your people probably already have! PocketRastrac can then transform a mobile device into an advanced tracking platform, complete with reporting based on time, distance, speed, and turn detection. This can also help you ensure your public safety officers are practicing safe driving habits in the field.

PocketRastrac also comes complete with secure, two-way messaging, allowing you to communicate with responders in the field while tracking their positions. PocketRastrac paired with Live Tracking creates a valuable solution to miscommunication issues in the field. Public service officers can send statuses, form messages, and plain text messages to other officers or managers, keeping everyone connected and on the same page about what is going on while on patrol.

At Rastrac, we appreciate the public safety officers that risk their lives daily to ensure that we can all live safely in our communities. That’s why, as a leading provider of fleet management devices, we’re dedicated to offering the best products and services that enable public safety officers to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

To learn more about our GPS tracking solutions and fleet management software for public safety officers, download our complimentary guide to Protecting Our Law Enforcement and Communities with GPS Tracking Solutions, or contact us to speak with an expert!

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