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How Did GPS Tracking Become Fleet Operations Management? Mike Feeley | Oct 25, 2017 10:13:53 AM

We call it GPS tracking, but is that what it really is? Not so much anymore! What has been known as GPS tracking all these years has now evolved into a way to manage your fleet operations in such a way that you know almost everything about how your fleet works, but also why it works the way it does.

gps tracking becomes fleet operations

Think about that for a minute…

Why is driver A more efficient than Driver B? Why is one piece of equipment breaking down more than another? Why are we spending more money on one delivery route versus another route of the same distance?

If you know the answers to these questions based on data, you can effect positive changes to your organization without hesitation.

It has taken 20-25 years for this market to grow to the size it is today, but that market will at least double in the next five years. Why is that? Because tracking has now become fleet operations management, which is the equivalent of a quality assurance program for your fleet of vehicles and/or assets.

What happens with quality assurance implementations? Your organization becomes more effective and more efficient. Why? Because you have standardized your processes, utilized the right technology, improved your internal and external communications, paid attention to cost reduction, and changed the make-up and behavior of your people.

It all boils down to achieving operational excellence.

So, what could possibly be the outcome of getting all this right? Your people become interested in being better employees, which changes morale, increases the safety of the fleet, and makes a good operational flow great. You start to put money back into your budget due to the ROI inherent in fleet management platforms, you reduce risk and your insurance premiums go down, you’re able to produce data that management can analyze, and make decisions based on facts as you start to see positive changes in the organization. It is only a short leap of faith to think that these improvements will make the entire organization better, your customers happier, and you more successful. 

So, now it is up to you to look at fleet operations management even if someone calls it GPS tracking. As one of our customers says, “Why wouldn’t you use GPS tracking to manage your fleet. It saves you money and has a positive impact on your employees!” He meant to say “fleet operations management” not “GPS tracking."

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