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How Fleet Management Software can Benefit RV Rental Companies Rastrac Team | Dec 23, 2019 2:15:00 PM

Recreational vehicles (RVs) can be significant business investments for an RV rental company. Whether they are motor vehicles or trailers that can be attached to or towed by a secondary vehicle, RV’s are expensive investments that can cost a rental company hundreds of thousands of dollars if stolen or damaged.

However, this risk can be mitigated! Through fleet management software, you can monitor and track your RV rentals to improve their security, help deter vehicle theft, and prevent damages or unnecessary repairs in the future to reduce costs and streamline your fleet operations. How?

What is Fleet Management Software?

When broken down to its basics, fleet management is an administrative function that optimizes the risks, costs, and inefficiencies that contribute to a business or organization’s fleet operations.

Fleet management solutions involve the use of fleet tracking software, GPS tracking devices, and telematics to help fleet managers remotely track and monitor their fleet operations for improved efficiency, reduced overhead costs, increased profitability, and the ability to provide better customer service.

Fleet management software can help perform a variety of operations, including:

  • Vehicle Location Tracking & Onboard Diagnostics
  • Data Tracking & Reporting
  • Fuel Management
  • Preventative Fleet Maintenance & Repairs
  • Employee Management & Scheduling
  • Vehicle & Asset Scheduling

For fleet managers in the RV rental industry, leveraging the right fleet management solutions can make their jobs significantly easier and ensure their RV rentals are being properly maintenance and rented.

Four Ways Fleet Management Software Can Benefit RV Rental Companies

When renting out vehicles and equipment, it’s important to be aware of potential issues such as security and maintenance. Since RVs are significant business investments for an RV rental company, you want to make the most out of your investment as well as save on fuel costs and engine maintenance. Fleet management software can help you do that and more:

Track your RVs with GPS Location Tracking

By outfitting your RV rentals with a vehicle tracking device, you can track their remote location anywhere. GPS location tracking uses orbiting satellites to triangulate the specific location of a tagged asset anywhere in the world, and is a highly effective way for fleet managers to keep an eye on their RV rentals.

But, GPS tracking devices can also monitor much more than just location! With this fleet management software, you can better enforce contracts and encourage accountability with your clients. Remote RV GPS tracking allows RV rental companies to know where their assets are at any given time, which ensures that your rental contracts are being followed by keeping the RVs within the specified area or areas as stated in the contract. You can help monitor rental contracts by setting security alerts such as:

  • Zone alerts which will notify you when a tagged rental enters or leaves a specified area.
  • Route alerts which indicate when drivers deviate from their assigned routes.

The benefits of GPS location tracking for RV rental companies extend far beyond their location tracking capabilities, which make them a worthwhile investment for your business.

Optimize your Fleet Risk Management

Security should be on any fleet manager’s mind when it comes to fleet management. Since RVs can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $1 million, it makes them an ideal target for vehicle theft. There are several ways to help prevent theft for RV rental companies, one of which is GPS location tracking. Remote RV GPS tracking allows RV rental companies to know where their rentals are at any given time.

This not only ensures that the rental contracts are being honored, but also makes it possible to track the RV rental if it is stolen. If vehicle theft does occur, the tracked location allows law enforcement to more quickly locate the missing asset and apprehend the thief.

GPS tracking devices also have security features including:

  • Ignition alerts: You will be notified of any ignition events, such as when the ignition is turned on or off.
  • Panic alerts: During emergency situations, drivers can activate a panic button discreetly when something is wrong.

Additionally, another fleet risk management software that RV rental companies have to their advantage against vehicle theft is the remote starter disabler feature. This option allows fleet managers to remotely disable the starter on their tagged rental when a vehicle is used without authorization. Although it won’t activate while the vehicle is in motion, once the RV is parked and its starter is disabled remotely, the vehicle can no longer be operated. This can stop a thief in their tracks!

Monitor Your RV Fleet Analytics & Health

Do you know the health status of your RV fleet? By tracking your fleet telematics and data through fleet management software, you can know the status of your engines and mileage and better improve your fleet maintenance.

With fleet management software, you can see if your RV rental is in good working condition by tracking a variety of events and conditions, including:

  • Engine Idle Time
  • Engine Performance
  • Hours of Use
  • Door Openings and Closings
  • Activations/Deactivations

Understanding the status of your RV fleet rentals will allow you to have a proactive approach to maintenance and see where there may need to be a repair in the future. Spotting irregularities and performance issues before they become a serious problem can increase fleet efficiency by reducing downtime and preventing more costly repairs in the future.

Improve Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

Through fleet management software, you can monitor fleet operations and effectively plan for repairs or fleet maintenance scheduling. You can keep track of which RV rentals have been serviced and set custom alerts to be notified when your RV fleet rentals need:

  • Brake pad inspections
  • Tire rotation
  • Fluid & oil replacements
  • Registration & insurance renewals

These reminders can either be set by mileage or date.

Additional fleet management solutions include automated reports on engine performance for greater fleet efficiency and reminders to stay on top of maintenance appointments when scheduled. These benefits can help improve a RV rental company’s fleet efficiency and streamline fleet operations, indirectly helping customer relations.

Implement Location Tracking in Your Own RV Fleet Today

Fleet management software has evolved to be far more than just GPS location tracking. It is now an advanced method of tracking the operational conditions and overall security of your fleet’s assets. RV rental companies have much to gain from adopting GPS fleet management solutions besides just improving the security of their RV fleet. Through telematics reports and preventative maintenance, you can improve your overall fleet operations and optimize risks and costs!

Is your RV fleet ready for fleet management software? Or, do you have any questions about our fleet management solutions or GPS tracking devices? Contact one of our project consultants today.

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