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6 Ways Fleet Management Can Help a Risk Manager Brian Dziuk | Nov 17, 2017 11:28:29 AM

It’s the call no fleet manager ever wants to receive: one of your company’s vehicles accidentally crashed due to inclement weather and the driver isn’t sure where exactly he is located. You’re sitting at your desk in your office hours away from where you think he may be located — what can you do to help him in this situation?

As a risk manager, your job is to reduce liability and decrease risks for the company, municipality, or organization for which you work. It’s also your responsibility to ensure that your employees are safe and your equipment is being regularly maintained. Advances in GPS-based fleet management systems can help you to effectively and easily achieve those every day goals and be able to serve as an asset to your employees in the case of an emergency.

Let’s explore six of the ways in which a fleet management system can benefit you every day.

Enhance Employee Safety

Risk managers can help to increase driver safety through fleet management systems.Having GPS tracking software on your equipment and vehicles enables you to know where your vehicles are located at any time and can be accessed from just about anywhere.

Tracking the location or using remote diagnostic capabilities to monitor the performance of your vehicles or equipment allows you to also know when and how your company’s equipment is being operated. Using some of the basic and advanced software settings, you can monitor the traveling speed and acceleration of vehicles, as well as what systems are being used or engaged.

Increase Equipment Efficiency, Reduce Breakdowns

Through an effective fleet management software system, you can monitor vehicle or equipment performance, keep maintenance schedules, and pull maintenance reports. This will enable you to know if and when your equipment has been maintained.

Reduce Risk of Theft

Fleet management systems and geofencing capabilities can help you to know where your vehicles and other equipment are located at all times.Having GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities can serve as a powerful anti-theft tool. It can help you to ensure that your equipment or vehicles remain within their assigned areas and do not cross beyond their pre-determined boundaries. If they do leave those areas, you can track their locations and use the data to inform law enforcement.

Manage Fuel Use, Reduce Emissions

Using route navigation options in your fleet management software can help you to optimize your drivers’ driving or travel routes. This will result in reduced fuel consumption costs, which also decreases the fuel emissions associated with use of your equipment that may inversely affect the environment. It also will help you remain in compliance with EPA emissions standards and avoid any emission-related fines.

Improve Customer Service

Fleet management software enables you to provide better customer service to your clients. If your business involves the renting of vehicles or equipment to clients, through some of the previously mentioned features you can know whether clients are properly using your equipment or vehicles. This helps them to abide by the rental contract or agreement they signed. You also will know whether they are operating in areas that they agreed to in the contract.

For companies that use drivers to transport products, you can cut down on unnecessary driving and help to make your drivers’ deliveries arrive early or on time by optimizing your routes. Inversely, by knowing where your vehicles are at any given time, you also can provide inquiring customers with an update as to when they can expect to receive their products.

Enforce Contracts

When clients are aware that the equipment and vehicles are being tracked and that you are using geofencing capabilities, they are more likely to take greater care with the rentals and stay within the designated geographic areas. This also can help to cut down on the number of potential arguments or confrontations you may need to have with clients.

All of these components can help to not only make your risk management operations more efficient, they also can help you to breathe more easily as you go through the daily grind.

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