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How To Protect Your Construction Equipment With Asset Tracking Software Brian Dziuk | Jul 25, 2019 10:35:00 AM

Many companies rely on heavy equipment for construction. Whether they own or rent these assets, protecting and extending their useful life is essential. Why? Heavy construction equipment is expensive to purchase or rent, difficult to replace if damaged or stolen, and can result in lost income for your organization when the equipment you need isn’t available for use.

So, this means protecting your heavy equipment rentals or purchases should be a top priority for your business—which is where asset tracking software can help. Here are three major ways how!

Monitor the Use and Maintenance of Your Heavy Construction Equipment

Since heavy construction equipment can be costly to acquire, you want to ensure each piece of equipment is exactly where it should be and operating efficiently. With asset tracking software, you’ll know the exact location of every single tracked asset in your inventory in real time. This saves you time, money, and headaches trying to manually locate a specific piece of equipment or the fleet vehicle carrying it.

Even if your heavy construction equipment is at the right site, it won’t do you much good if it isn’t functioning properly. GPS tracking can come into play here as well to help optimize maintenance scheduling. Diagnostics run on GPS tracking software will enable you to monitor each asset’s engine activity, idling hours, how long it has been in operation, and how many miles it has traveled. This way, you can ensure you are conducting routine maintenance and safety checks when necessary. It then becomes possible to identify smaller repairs that need to be made before the equipment has a total breakdown that requires bigger, more costly repairs. Thanks to asset tracking, you can even schedule alerts for when maintenance is required or if the equipment malfunctions in between routine checks.

Enforce Contracts for Heavy Equipment Rentals

Whether your company is the one that owns and is renting out heavy construction equipment or you’re relying on heavy equipment rentals to get the job done, asset tracking can keep both owners and renters accountable. By having access to data that pinpoints the exact current location of a piece of machinery as well as all of its previous location, you can ensure that it is staying within the area agreed upon in the rental contract.

Geofencing can also be a valuable solution for contract enforcement of heavy equipment rentals. It allows you to set up alerts that notify you whenever a GPS-tagged asset has left the determined service area. This means you’ll always know where the assets are, effectively helping to prevent contract breaches.

If one party believes there is a discrepancy, it doesn't have to be a he-said-she-said argument—you can simply look over the historical GPS tracking data to determine exactly where a piece of equipment was at a certain time and if it ever left the site parameters.

Reduce the Risk of Heavy Construction Equipment Theft

Your heavy construction equipment is exposed to numerous risks—risks that are amplified when it is being used off-site or left alone after hours. This equipment is expensive and valuable, which can make it a target for vandalism and theft. But how are you supposed to keep an eye on your heavy construction equipment when no one is physically around to look after it? Asset tracking software!

The first step in preventing heavy equipment theft is knowing exactly where your equipment is at all times. GPS tracking and asset management tools make this possible remotely and in real-time. Equipment tracking devices with motion sensor or geofencing capabilities will immediately send you a notification when the asset has moved or left specific geographic locations. If you know that none of your employees are on-site and the equipment moves, you can immediately alert the authorities and continue using GPS tracking to pinpoint its current location for your best chances of recovering the heavy construction equipment safely.

Rastrac is a trusted resource for equipment rental companies and heavy construction equipment owners looking to improve fleet efficiency and safety. We offer a variety of solutions and best-in-class asset tracking software and devices to meet nearly any need.

Ready to make the most of your heavy construction equipment with effective asset management and GPS tracking? Speak to a Rastrac expert or request a demo today!

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