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Need GPS Tracking for Field Employees? Consider PocketRASTRAC Brian Dziuk | May 31, 2016 12:56:05 PM

With PocketRASTRAC, you can turn most Android or iPhone smartphones into GPS tracking devices.GPS tracking systems have long helped businesses keep tabs on their fleet vehicles. Many fleet managers use GPS vehicle tracking to optimize route planning, enforce schedule adherence, and improve driving habits to save time, labor, and money.

But, not every business needs a comprehensive GPS tracking solution that includes both the tracker and the software. Some fleet managers might only need gps tracking for field employees as they work, rather than the position of a vehicle.

There could be a number of reasons for this, such as the vehicle being used belonging to the employee rather than the company. Here, a remote GPS tracking app can be useful for fleet managers in need of a tracking solution.

Enter PocketRASTRAC

PocketRASTRAC is an app for mobile devices that can turn an Android or iPhone device into a remote tracking system that can monitor employee positions in the field.

Using the PocketRASTRAC app allows for collection of most of the same data as using a vehicle-mounted GPS tracking device, with the notable exception of vehicle diagnostics.

Data that can be gathered with the app includes:

  • Real-time GPS location info
  • Miles traveled
  • Stop times & durations
  • Driving habits (speed, turning, etc.)

This app is ideal for companies that have lots of workers in remote areas or out in the field away from their vehicles.

Aside from collecting important GPS data, the PocketRASTRAC app has built-in messaging features to support 2-way communication with employees. Using this feature allows you to forward important updates and alerts to employees in the field without having to use a separate app.

(please be sure to remind drivers not to text and drive when using the PocketRASTRAC app!)

To protect the privacy of your workers when they’re off the clock, you can set the app to only collect GPS data during specific working hours. This way, you won’t intrude on your workers’ personal time.

Requirements for the PocketRASTRAC App

To use the PocketRASTRAC App, you need:

  1. A mobile device that supports Android or iPhone applications and has GPS capabilities (including mobile data plans).
  2. The PocketRASTRAC Android or iPhone application.
  3. RASTRAC software or tracking service.
  4. Mobile device static IP address for receiving messages and tracking data.

Many of RASTRAC’s clients have used the PocketRASTRAC app with great success for their mobile field agents. Some customers have been known to buy an inexpensive Android phone, put the app on it, and then use the phone to track their assets.

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