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3 Ways Asset Management Software Can Help Safely Transport Organs Brian Dziuk | May 23, 2019 12:08:27 PM

In 2018 alone, there were more than 36,500 organ transplants — and keeping those organs safe during transport was a key component of saving many lives. Therefore, it is crucial that conditions can be monitored and real-time locations can be tracked during organ transportation. After all, if organs fail to arrive safely, they cannot be transplanted.

How can Rastrac help? Through RastracGo, an asset management software that makes organ tracking easy and efficient!

What is RastracGo?

itraq-iphoneRastracGo is an asset management software in the form of a small, highly portable device. These devices are able to provide location tracking from anywhere with access to cell phone service, GPS, or Wi-Fi connectivity. With a small form factor design that looks like a card with a keyring hole, RastracGo devices can easily be secured to clothing, keychains, containers, etc. for convenience and accessibility.

Here are three major ways RastracGo’s asset tracking capabilities can help improve safety and efficiency during organ transportation:

1. Know Where Your Assets Are at All Times

The amount of time that a properly harvested and preserved organ can be outside a human body will vary by the organ. For example, livers often have a transplant window of 10 to 15 hours, but a heart only has about 4 to 6 hours before it is no longer safe for transplantation. This means that during organ transportation, drivers are often racing against the clock to save lives.

With RastracGo’s asset management software, fleet managers can virtually monitor a vehicle carrying an organ for transplant from any location. Through GPS tracking software, alerts given at regular intervals provide visibility into the exact location of assets at any given time. With this accurate, timely, and actionable data, medical personnel can get real-time updates of when the organ will arrive, allowing them to be prepped and ready so valuable time is not wasted.

2. Monitor Travel Conditions

Our asset tracking software not only gives you the exact location of your organs in transit, it also reports on the conditions in which they are traveling. RastracGo’s asset management software can monitor a vehicle’s temperature, humidity, light, noise, and pressure levels. You will also have access to verifiable documentation of this data on hand for any potential inspections or compliance issues. You can also set up alerts to notify you in case something about a vehicle’s environment is not quite right. This way, you can immediately reach out to notify the driver that they may need to pull over and check out the vehicle before the organs become compromised and can no longer be transplanted.

Additionally, our asset tracking software can monitor and report on a driver’s travel speeds, acceleration, and deceleration rates. While they are trying to get to their location as quickly as possible, you still want to ensure your drivers are following traffic laws — unsafe driving practices can cause an accident that puts an organ at a higher risk for never arriving safely.

3. Ability to Customize Reports

RastracGo devices can be customized to report on your vehicle’s location, travel conditions, and driver’s safety habits at specific intervals of your choosing. Whether this is every 5, 10, or 30 minutes, it allows you to always stay on top of organ tracking. It also enables users to prioritize either the battery life of the device or the frequency of location data. Which one you want to focus on will likely depend on the amount of travel time an organ has.

These custom reports and alerts make it possible for the driver, fleet manager, and medical personnel to stay on the same page throughout the organ transportation process. Without any miscommunication or confusion, organs can arrive safely so that transplants are able to begin in a timely manner!

With a portable, global asset management device like RastracGo, you have the ability to conveniently and efficiently track organs that can save a life. Contact one of Rastrac’s asset tracking experts today to learn more about how you our devices can be used for medical tracking and safe organ transportation!
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