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Tips for Tracking Assets During Winter Brian Dziuk | Jan 23, 2020 2:15:00 PM

Vehicles are not the only valuable items that your business should be tracking. The assets they are carrying can also be monitored and managed through GPS-based asset management solutions. This becomes even more important during harsh winter months.

Get ready to find out some best practices for using asset tracking to protect your valuable assets this winter!

What is Asset Tracking?

From monitoring generators to medical equipment, asset tracking ensures that equipment fleet assets are protected and accounted for.

When combined with GPS management technology, asset tracking systems can effectively track the location of your assets, as well as record a variety of statistics and data that can be used to make more well-informed decisions for your fleet.

Why Asset Tracking is Especially Important During the Winter

Harsh conditions and low temperatures can threaten assets, especially if they are in locations that cannot be easily accessed during winter storms. In order to properly maintain your equipment and assets, you need to make sure they are in the right places and conditions. If your assets aren’t accessible because of weather, winter asset tracking makes it possible to stay updated on their status remotely.

3 Ways to Protect Your Assets During Winter

Asset tracking has a variety of benefits, especially during the winter months. Here are three major ones!

1. Know Where Your Assets are at All Times

With GPS software, winter asset tracking allows you to always know the exact location of your assets, even if they are inaccessible due to weather conditions. With GPS location tools and geofencing, you can even set virtual boundaries for your assets around a real-world location. Whenever your tagged asset enters or leaves these virtual perimeters, you are notified via text or e-mail. This is important during the winter when the weather may be too dangerous to physically check up on your assets yourself.

Winter also brings a bevy of weather-related challenges for drivers, from snow storms to icy roads. Through location asset tracking, you can be reassured your equipment is in the right place without needing to send drivers on dangerous roads to check in on your assets, especially on remote job sites.

Location tracking can also prevent theft, which is vital because more asset theft occurs during the winter season. This is because equipment can be sitting idle for months, making it a huge target for theft. You can protect your valuable equipment with asset tracking systems; by receiving notifications when your assets leave the geofencing virtual boundaries and monitoring unauthorized use even if you’re miles away.

2. Monitor Conditions with Winter Asset Tracking

Asset tracking does more than monitor just the location of your assets. When combined with asset management software, asset tracking can also monitor conditions such as motion, temperature, humidity, and more.

Monitoring conditions in winter is important, especially if your assets are in areas with low temperatures and harsh weather. For instance, if your equipment must remain at a certain temperature to avoid freezing, asset tracking can keep monitor temperature conditions and identify whether or not your assets need to be retrieved from the job site. This saves you time and prevents you from losing money on damaged assets that can no longer be sold!

3. Tag Your Assets with Winter-Proof Asset Trackers

GPS tracking devices for winter asset tracking must be durable and weather-resistant to withstand the long, cold season. Although there are numerous asset trackers on the market, make sure you buy the right tracker for the season. For example, if you’re looking for an asset tracking device to monitor a container in a remote job site in the eastern United States, then you need an asset tracking device that is water-proof, weather resistant, and has a long battery life.

Rastrac offers a variety of winter asset tracking devices ideal for extreme and rugged environments, such as the TTU-730 and TTU-2830. These devices are designed for long-term deployments in harsh conditions with extended battery life, so you do not need to worry about trackers dying while out in the field or being damaged by the cold.

Protect Your Assets This Winter With Rastrac!

When looking for asset tracking devices for the winter seasons, it’s important to find the one that will be most suitable for your specific assets and jobsite environment. Luckily, Rastrac is here to help!

Whether you need asset tracking systems exclusively for winter or throughout the year, our team can help you find the best solution for your needs. Find out which of our asset tracking devices can help your business protect your assets this winter!

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