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Improve Your Street Maintenance Program with GPS Fleet Tracking! Brian Dziuk | Oct 6, 2016 7:03:00 PM

Street maintenance and cleanupStreet maintenance is a huge challenge for municipalities across the USA. From routine trash and accident/nature debris clearing operations, to fixing damage to roads, to dealing with weather-based hazards, every day brings with it new challenges to overcome.

When street maintenance falls behind, commuters in your municipality aren’t just inconvenienced—they’re put at risk. Debris in the road can cause accidents by contributing to loss of vehicle control.

Improving your street maintenance program helps make your roads safer for commuters and helps improve your community’s overall image. The question is: How can you improve your street maintenance program without blowing your budget?

Here’s where GPS tracking can help:

Planning Better Routes and Making Sure Drivers Stick to Them

Your municipality only has so many street maintenance vehicles that it can deploy—so it’s important to make sure that each street sweeper, utility truck, and maintenance van can cover as much ground as possible.

Part of maximizing your street maintenance fleet’s coverage is optimizing your route planning and making sure that drivers adhere to their routes. This is something that GPS fleet tracking systems excel at.

With GPS tracking, you can create routes for each vehicle and track their progress. If a vehicle would be delayed by bad traffic, you can reroute it to keep it working at maximum efficiency.

Also, with GPS tracking, you can monitor how closely each of your maintenance vehicles are adhering to their routes and timetables. This allows you to spot wasteful or unauthorized use of a vehicle on the job so that efficiency is maintained.

Improving Your Responsiveness to Emergency Calls

After a major storm, accident, or similar event, it’s very likely that there will be dangerous, road-obstructing debris left in the street. The longer this debris remains on the road, the more likely it is that it will cause an accident or traffic jam.

GPS tracking helps improve your responsiveness to calls about dangerous road debris in a couple of ways:

  1. It lets you find the closest street cleaning vehicle to where the debris was reported—minimizing response time.
  2. Having an electronic map of all reported debris locations allows you to plan a route from one debris site to the next to maximize efficiency.

This lets your road maintenance vehicles operate more efficiently, clearing more debris in a shorter period of time so there’s less disruption to traffic.

Keeping Street Maintenance Vehicles Safe Before, During, and After Duty Hours

Safety is a huge issue for all municipal vehicle operations. This means enforcing safe driving practices during duty hours, keeping vehicles well-maintained, and taking measures to prevent the theft of vehicles.

GPS fleet tracking systems can help you protect your street maintenance vehicles before, during, and after duty hours by:

  • Optimizing Maintenance Scheduling. By tracking total vehicle mileage, operation time, and monitoring the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system, municipal fleet managers can easily identify when a vehicle needs preventative maintenance. This helps you keep your fleet vehicles in top condition for when they’re on the road.
  • Monitoring Driving Behaviors. Ensuring that drivers are using safe driving practices behind the wheel is incredibly difficult… unless you happen to have a GPS tracking system that gives you information about their braking, acceleration, and other driving habits. With GPS tracking data, it’s easy to spot bad driving behaviors and correct them so your vehicles and the commuters who share the road with them are safer.
  • Providing Strong Antitheft Protection. Street maintenance vehicles can be a tempting target for thieves. Not only are the vehicles and their parts valuable, the tools and equipment they carry can be expensive to replace as well. GPS tracking devices provide strong antitheft capabilities—allowing you to quickly locate a stolen vehicle so it can be recovered quickly.

So, whether your street maintenance vehicles are in the lot, or on the road, GPS tracking systems can help you protect your municipality’s assets. This helps prevent expensive losses and keeps your budget more predictable.

These are just a few of the ways that GPS fleet tracking can help your municipality improve its street maintenance program. Learn more by checking out some of our other resources!

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