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How Can You Service More Customers With Asset Tracking? Brian Dziuk | Jul 3, 2019 12:41:00 PM

Today’s business market is extremely competitive. For your company to stand out, being able to offer unmatched customer service is essential.

Did you know by leveraging asset tracking software, your business could service more customers each day? This will ultimately boost your profits, reputation, and customer satisfaction rate. Here are three major ways how.

Build Optimized Routes

As a fleet manager, you’re often the one creating the daily schedule outlining which vehicles in your fleet will go to service specific customers. However, you can’t just schedule appointments back to back without factoring in the travel time it takes your vehicles to get to their next location. But, what if it was possible to minimize this travel time? Your employees would be able to fit more appointments into the day—meaning more happily serviced customers and revenue for your business.

This is possible with asset tracking software. Your employees won’t have to rely on their cellphone’s navigation or a third-party GPS app which can often lead drivers on confusing, winding routes or experience technical glitches. Instead, they’ll be able to follow optimized routes that have already been built for them and take into account historical traffic patterns and road closures. This effectively reduces downtime between appointments. When your drivers are spending less time on the road, they can spend more time servicing paying customers.

Make Real-Time Route Adjustments

Even when you make a point to build strategically optimized routes using asset tracking software, sometimes things happen. If there is a traffic jam, road closure, or road-blocking hazard that would cause travel delays, asset tracking devices can send real-time alerts to both drivers and fleet managers. Then, fleet managers can make immediate adjustments to routes that are then relayed directly to the driver so they can avoid further delays and still make it to their appointment as quickly as possible.

When a vehicle is delayed, GPS tracking alerts allow you to know to reach out to the customer to inform them of the delay and give them an estimated arrival time. This helps your business control customer expectations and deliver higher quality customer service. They’ll appreciate your delay notice and the fact that you’re able to give them arrival updates in real-time. Plus, it allows your customers the opportunity to reschedule their service appointment if the new arrival time isn’t convenient for them. All of these factors can improve your overall customer satisfaction rate.

Track the Location of Your Fleet Vehicles

GPS asset tracking and asset management solutions allow you to remotely track, monitor, and record the precise location of your valuable vehicles and the cargo they’re carrying. By using asset tracking devices, you’ll always know where your service vehicles are as they’re traveling on the road, as well as when they check in for the start of a work order or delivery. This way, you can ensure your drivers are at the right address and following the optimized routes you’ve laid out for them.

This keeps your drivers accountable to their schedule and helps verify that they’re not using your vehicles for personal reasons. Plus, if a dispute arises with a customer after service has been given, you can pull up the GPS tracking data from that vehicle to check if it was at the work site at the right time. This helps you quickly resolve any issues and keep your customer satisfaction rate high!

Thanks to asset tracking, your business will be empowered to give your customers better service. Plus, when you are able to improve fleet-wide efficiency, you’ll be able to see more customers per day—positively impacting your revenue and profit margins!

If you’re ready to implement one of Rastrac’s asset tracking devices or GPS tracking solutions in your fleet today, reach out to one of our experts! Or, if you’d like to get more familiar with our software, request a free demo today.

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