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How to Cut Costs in Construction Fleet Management Brian Dziuk | Sep 10, 2019 2:03:00 PM

Construction fleet vehicles are a massive investment for any building or construction business. So, as a fleet manager in this industry, looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing efficiency or driver safety is always a top concern.

Fleet management software is a valuable and simple solution that can help you boost both productivity and safety while also reducing waste and inefficiencies. Ready to learn how an investment in GPS tracking can empower more effective fleet management and ultimately improve your bottom line? Let’s get started!

How to Reduce Fleet Costs for Construction Vehicles with Fleet Management Software

Eliminate Excess Fuel Costs

Fueling large, heavy vehicles is one of the biggest expenses in nearly any construction fleet. Wasteful fuel consumption only amplifies these expenses, and typically occurs from a combination of excessive idling, unsafe driving habits (like hard acceleration and braking), and poor maintenance scheduling. Fleet management software can help you identify these problems so you can quickly correct them and eliminate unnecessary fuel costs.

For example, by using GPS tracking to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles and heavy construction equipment, you’ll be able to quickly identify unauthorized use. This way, you can quickly put a stop to any vehicle misuse that is adding additional miles on your assets.

Additionally, with the ability to build the most direct optimized routes between service sites, you’ll be able to minimize both frustrating travel time for your drivers and fuel consumption in you fleet. Plus, access to automated fuel usage and mileage reports will enable you to make more accurate cost calculations rather than having to rely on manually-reported data from employees that may have errors.

Quickly Recover from Construction Equipment Theft

Heavy construction equipment can be very valuable, and is therefore a big target for theft. In fact, construction equipment theft results in over $1 billion in lost product every year. If you don’t realize that a theft has occurred for days, the chances of recovering your assets are very slim. Luckily, modern fleet management software and GPS tracking technology can help.

With geofencing, you’ll be able to set virtual boundaries for real geographic locations. Then, whenever your construction vehicles tagged with vehicle tracker devices enter or leave those virtual boundaries, you’ll be automatically alerted by text or email. This way, if something seems out of the ordinary or an asset is not where it is supposed to be, you can notify the authorities almost immediately and continue tracking the stolen item. This greatly improves the likelihood that you’ll be able to recover it and avoid the cost of replacing it!

Monitor Driver Safety Habits

Operating a construction fleet vehicle is is a big responsibility, and a distracted driver can put both themselves and others at risk for an accident that can drive up your workers compensation, insurance, and legal costs. Plus, poor driving habits such as hard braking or harsh turning can be incredibly hard on your vehicles, resulting in higher maintenance and repair costs. It can be difficult to monitor driver habits when you aren’t always available to be on-site and can’t physically be in each vehicle with your drivers—but luckily, fleet management software can help!

Our fleet management software will provide you with comprehensive reports on acceleration and deceleration rates, breaking patterns, driving speeds, turn frequency, and idle times in each of your construction fleet vehicles. Plus, in instances of hard braking or turning, you’ll receive an immediate alert via text or email. This way, you can quickly identify if one of your drivers has developed a pattern of unsafe driving so that they can be reprimanded and given additional safety training.

By proactively correcting dangerous driving habits rather than waiting for an accident to happen, you can avoid the many costs associated with unsafe driving that can be detrimental to your business.

Optimize Fleet Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance is another huge cost for construction fleet vehicles. While you may think it’s nearly impossible to know if a vehicle is about to breakdown, these insights are now a reality with fleet management software.

By installing a fleet tracking devices in your construction vehicles, they will connect to the onboard diagnostics system to monitor and report on their condition. You’ll receive comprehensive, up-to-date information on each vehicle’s hours of operation, engine mileage, oil and fuel changes, fuel usage levels, and more.

This enables you to optimize and strategically plan your fleet maintenance schedule, which in turn helps you proactively identify when small repairs need to be made. By handling minor, less expensive repairs before they result in total vehicle failure, you’ll be able to save big on larger repair costs down the road. Plus, preventing a situation where one of your construction fleet vehicles breaks down in the middle of a project boosts efficiency and keeps your drivers safe on the job.

Want to learn more about why so many construction fleets are turning to our valuable fleet management solutions? Ready to start implementing fleet management software that will transform efficiency and reduce costs in your own fleet? Contact a Rastrac expert now!

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