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Using RASTRAC Mobile on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device Brian Dziuk | Jul 1, 2014 5:04:00 AM

To view your fleet from a mobile device, there is no need to download an application. 

The Rastrac mobile interface is available on any iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet with an active internet connection. With the mobile version of our Live Tracking platform, you can manage your fleet at your fingertips.




There is no app to download. Simply open your web browser, and go to www.rastrac.net.

Enter in your login credentials in the appropriate boxes and select sign in.

Upon your successful login you will see a map displaying the locations of all of your vehicles. You may change this between Google Satellite, Map, and Terrain at the top right of the screen.

Along the top of your screen, you will see three selections: Vehicles, Zoom to All, and Settings. 


Selecting the Vehicles button will allow you to select a predetermined group or vehicles, or to select a vehicle or location.

Selecting a group will display the locations of the particular vehicles assigned to that group.

Selecting a vehicle will show the information received from the last update of the device.

If you select Zoom To, it will show the vehicle’s location on the map. You may select Street View to see the location in Google street view. Select the X in the top right to return to the map.

If you choose get position, a request will be sent to device to get the vehicle’s current location.

Follow will allow you to follow the vehicle on the map as it moves.

If you select Get Track, you will have the option to see the vehicle’s path during a selected time period. You have the option to choose today’s or yesterday’s track, or you may select a different date. Clicking on any of the icons will show the information from that update.

To remove the track from the map, select Remove Track. 


Closest vehicle will display the location of the closest vehicle to the one currently selected. 

You may also adjust the vehicle’s settings by selecting the Settings button on the bottom of the list. Here, you can change the alias of the vehicle, as well as change the icon for the vehicle that will display on the map. 


The Zoom to All button will zoom the map out so that all of your vehicles are displayed.

Finally, the settings button allows you to change some of the display settings for the mobile platform. You will also be able to log out via the settings selection.

That is just a basic overview of Rastrac Mobile. For more information or questions, please contact us here at Rastrac.


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