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Discover the Benefits of Trailer Tracking GPS Solutions


Download the Trailer Tracking Feature Sheet to Learn How GPS Tracking Can Improve Logistics.

Tracking the locations of your trailers can be a key part of logistics management. Knowing the whereabouts of your trailers (and the cargo they carry) at all times can be crucial for curbing asset theft and improving schedule adherence.


GPS tracking for semi-truck trailers can be an incredibly useful logistics solution whether your company is a 3PL service provider or is simply maintaining its own internal transportation fleet.

What can a telematics solution like GPS trailer tracking do for you? Some benefits include:

  • Improving loss prevention by actively monitoring the locations of cargo trailers at all times;
  • Providing instant alerts when trailers are taken off-route (through the use of route-based geofencing boundaries);
  • Logging when trailer doors are opened or closed; and
  • Monitoring driver behaviors to identify bad habits (like hard braking and acceleration) so you can provide the right training to correct them.

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