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Get the Rastrac StreetComplete Feature Sheet for Municipalities

StreetComplete Feature Sheet Cover


Discover how to make municipal vehicles more efficient than ever with a color-coded, aging map solution.

Municipalities have an enormous challenge: to get more done with a budget that seems to shrink every year. Finding ways to make municipal vehicles more efficient to minimize fuel waste can make a huge difference in the municipality’s budget. However, it’s still necessary to ensure thorough coverage of the streets your municipal government manages.

With Rastrac’s StreetComplete, you can meet both goals with ease.

Download the StreetComplete feature sheet to discover how to:

  • Set color-coded maps to determined which streets have been serviced at a glance;
  • Improve snow plow operational efficiency; and
  • Improve trash collection so less fuel is wasted and more taxpayers get timely service.

Download the StreetComplete sheet now by filling out the form on this page.

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