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See the Present & Steer the Future
with RastracVision!

Fleet management comes with a myriad of responsibilities.

You have to keep track of everyone and everything, ensure optimal efficiencies, and reduce the risks of legal liabilities.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tech solutions to help you get it done effectively. However, there’s still one aspect that may leave you exposed to problems. And that is, not knowing exactly what happens during a route.

Whether you manage a government agency, a delivery truck fleet, or a marina, for the most part, the only person who knows what happens during a trip is the driver — and in the case of an accident, things occur so fast, that even they may not be sure.

Download Information on Our Cutting-Edge Dashboard Camera, Rastrac Vision

While there are plenty of dash cams on the market, they mostly serve one purpose: To provide footage of a past event. We’ve upped the ante by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence to actually provide your drivers with a virtual assistant that:

  • Anticipates risks
  • Keeps drivers’ attention focused on their route
  • Reconstructs accidents
  • Deploys assistance in real time

If you’re ready to find out how it all works, download our free content offer!

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