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Geofence By Corridor Brian Dziuk | Sep 30, 2013 12:20:00 PM

One of the types of geofences you are allowed to create in RASTRAC will go along a stretch of highway or road.

A geofence is a virtual perimeter for real-world geographic areas. Geofencing has been used by retailers to notify people near their location of current offers. It has been used by parents to notify them when their child leaves a designated area. It is also often used to let businesses know if their vehicles are entering or leaving their lot.

Geofence, vehicle tracking system

What if you’re worried that your employees are making unauthorized side trips or going out of their way? That can cost you a lot of money in unnecessary fuel and labor expenses.

Geofencing by corridor is a new way to ensure your employees (and your cargo) stay on route. Geofencing by corridor allows you to define a route and get notifications if the vehicle leaves that path.

In the screenshot, I’ve defined a route and I’ve given the route a half mile width. I’ve chosen half a mile because I don’t need to know if my driver pulls off momentarily to use the restroom, I just want to know if he leaves the route entirely. That width field is completely customizable.

The geofence by corridor function is particularly useful for businesses where the workers run the same routes day after day. It has also proven very useful when cargo is being driven through dangerous routes where theft rates are high. However you use it, it's a pretty neat function worth checking out.

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