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Make Your School’s Education Fleet Safer and More Efficient



Download the Education Fleet Feature Sheet to Discover the Benefits of GPS Tracking for Schools.

Child safety is a critical concern for any school system. School buses have to transport children safely from their bus stops to the school and back every weekday. So, education fleets need to be safe and efficient to get kids to school on time and in good health.

School bus tracking solutions can help educational districts improve child safety and transportation efficiency by:

  • Tracking bus driver behaviors, like hard braking and acceleration, to provide opportunities to improve their driving practices.
  • Providing real-time GPS tracking of school vehicle locations—improving the ability to find and help children in case of an emergency.
  • Improving maintenance scheduling by monitoring OBD system alerts and tracking time since last maintenance for school vehicles.
  • Identifying ways to optimize school bus routes to improve efficiency and avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Want to learn more about how to revolutionize your school district’s fleet vehicle operations with GPS tracking?


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