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How PocketRastrac Makes Mobile Fleet Management Simple Brian Dziuk | Jun 7, 2019 10:28:00 AM

Fleet managers are always looking for innovative ways to keep track of their drivers and vehicles while they’re in the field. However, it can be difficult to implement and integrate expensive third-party tools and technologies into your business that you aren’t familiar with using.

That’s where PocketRastrac comes in. By simply having your drivers or operators download the app to the mobile devices they already use every day, you can transform existing technology into an advanced GPS tracking platform. Now all you need to conduct effective mobile fleet management is an Android device or iPhone/iPad!

Let’s explore a few ways how PocketRastrac can make mobile fleet management simple and seamless for your business.

Track Real-Time Locations of Assets and Employees

Remote fleet management can be difficult when you’re not actually present with each and every one of your employees as they’re driving. However, with a mobile GPS tracking application like PocketRastrac, you’ll have access to the locations of your assets and employees in real-time.

Using PocketRastrac’s map tool, you’ll be able to view the location of your vehicles on a map or via street view. With this information, you can accurately enforce schedule adherence and make sure your vehicles are actually traveling along the optimized routes you’ve laid out. You can even set the app to only collect GPS data during working hours to protect the privacy of your employees and prevent any intrusion on their personal time.

Communicate with Your Employees

If you need to communicate with your employees in the field, PocketRastrac’s secure, two-way messaging capabilities provides an ideal solution. Employees can send you statuses (such as “clocking in” or “taking a break”) as well as plain text messages to keep you updated on what is going on throughout their shift.

You can also send important updates and alerts to your employees without having to keep track of another separate app. This way, if there’s a road closure and they need to take another route or there’s been a change in the delivery schedule, you can let them know directly and immediately.

Monitor Driving Habits

If your drivers are practicing unsafe driving habits, it puts their own life, the life of others on the road, your vehicles, and the assets that they’re carrying at risk. PocketRastrac is able to monitor odometer readings, travel speeds, braking habits, and turning motions. With comprehensive reports that show this data over time, you can determine if any of your drivers are forming unsafe driving habits. If you’re aware of these patterns, you can then take proactive steps to educate them and improve their driving habits. Plus, by setting up alerts, you can be notified of a variety of events—such as when drivers are going over the speed limit or slamming on their brakes.

PocketRastrac can also track a variety of event time stamps such as breaks, clocking in/out, and when trips start/end. You can use this data to ensure that your drivers are taking proper breaks to eat so they don’t have to while driving, which can cause them to be distracted. You can also make sure they’re getting enough rest and not driving for too long without a break, minimizing the risk that they’ll be driving drowsy or fall asleep behind the wheel.

Experience These Benefits of Mobile Fleet Management with Ease

PocketRastrac helps you optimize worker productivity, reduce fuel usage by ensuring your drivers are sticking to optimized routes, and increase driver safety. What’s so incredible about this fleet management software is that it can be yours without the need to purchase additional hardware. You can simply turn your existing iPhones, iPads, or Android devices into a fleet vehicle tracking and two-way communication app!

Plus, the new UI for PocketRastrac now makes it even easier to navigate the GPS tracking platform! With a clean, simple, and intuitive interface, you can find what you’re looking for in just a few clicks. There’s no confusing buttons or lengthy processes to learn—just the valuable information you need for effective fleet management that can be accessed without headaches.

If you’re interested in implementing PocketRastrac in your business for improved fleet management or want to learn more about our other mobile tracking solutions, reach out to one of our team members today!

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