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There is No ‘Off-Season’ for GPS Management Solutions Brian Dziuk | Feb 8, 2018 11:44:50 AM

Regardless of climate, season, or weather, global positioning systems (GPS) management solutions provide a huge benefit to virtually any business, government, or municipality operator despite size or industry.

No ‘Off-Season’ for GPS Management Solutions

During the winter, cities and other municipalities can use GPS tracking software and devices to address snow, ice, and other dangerous road impediments. In the spring, summer, and fall, lawns must be maintained and manicured regularly. And, throughout the year, shipments need to be delivered to customers.

GPS management solutions can help you be more efficient in your seasonal and year-round operations. When coupled with advanced GPS tracking devices and fleet management software, operations managers can monitor many factors and conditions, including:

  • Locations of vehicles and other high-value assets
  • Activity and use of vehicles and other fleet equipment
  • Engine and vehicle performance data
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders
  • Driver behaviors and performance

Our Rastrac team has put together a list of the top six reasons why the benefits of GPS management solutions not are limited to any one season.

1. StreetComplete Increases Productivity of Operations

StreetComplete (formerly Map Marker), Rastrac’s unique GPS fleet management tool, allows businesses, municipalities, and other government organizations to view their operational coverage in real time. Its color-coded maps automatically update to display areas that have already been treated, plowed, or otherwise maintained. This enables you to easily track the following:

  • What work has been completed
  • What time and day it was completed
  • How long ago the work was completed
  • Who is was completed by
  • Areas that still need to be completed

Furthermore, users are not limited to using pre-programmed maps. This versatile tool allows users to upload their own maps for a more customized and enhanced experience.

2. Increases Efficiency in Snow Plow Operations

GPS management solutions can make snow plow operations more efficient

When the temperatures drop and cold weather sets in, your snow plows are immediately put to work to help clear the roadways of snow and ice. In order to efficiently do this, you need to have a plan of action in place, vehicles that are prepared and equipped with salt or other deicing solutions, and drivers who can be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

An effective GPS tracking system, including the use of Rastrac’s StreetComplete tool, can help your organization know what streets have already been plowed and how recently they have been cleared. Furthermore, modern and agile GPS technology can integrate with your snow plows’ onboard diagnostics systems and plow sensors. This way you can easily determine:

  • How much costly salt, sand, or liquid deicing material has been dispersed.
  • The position of your plow blade for optimal snow removal.
  • The speed, acceleration, and braking of the equipment.

3. Monitors Street Cleaning to Ensure Coverage (Even During Hurricane Season)

Keeping streets cleaned and cleared has its challenges. Knowing which areas have already been cleaned or still need to be cleaned can require careful planning. However, this process becomes even more demanding when bad weather strikes.

Nearly half of the year falls within the period known as hurricane season. From June 1 through November 30, hurricanes pose the risk of causing widespread damage to roads and local infrastructure. This creates a unique set of challenges for workers who need to keep the roads clear for citizens and emergency personnel to use in the aftermath of the storm.

GPS management solutions can assist these efforts. When cell towers may be down due to widespread power outages that could last days or even weeks, a satellite-based tracking technology will still be hard at work. It provides additional safety for response teams by allowing dispatchers and fleet managers to:

  • Stay apprised of emergency personnel locations.
  • Monitor ongoing weather conditions and updates using the weather overlay GPS software feature.
  • Receive emergency alerts from drivers who need help (through the use of certain GPS tracking devices).
  • Provide in-vehicle navigation and directions for drivers whose vehicles are equipped with these features.

4. Ensures Sanitation Collections and Pickups are Optimized

Trash collection and related sanitation services are critical to every local community throughout the year. No one wants to deal with phone calls from unhappy citizens about missed sanitation pickups or concerns about reckless sanitation truck drivers.

By using GPS management solutions like tracking devices and software for your sanitation services, you can:

  • Efficiently manage and monitor all your vehicles.
  • Optimize driver routes to reduce delays and ensure maximum productivity.
  • Maintain accurate records for reporting purposes.
  • Monitor and address wasteful or dangerous driver activities and behaviors.
  • Tag locations of special collections loads.

5. Makes Landscaping Operations More Efficientlawn_care.jpeg

No matter whether you manage lawn care and landscaping for a private business or a municipality, GPS management solutions can benefit your lawn-related operations. When not covered by snow, grass and plants are growing and need to be regularly maintained the rest of the year. By monitoring the locations and activities of your vehicles and equipment, you’ll get a better idea of how productive your business or operation is and come up with ways to improve its efficiency.

6. Enables First Responders to Respond Faster Year-Round

Although accidents tend to increase when there is ice or snow on the ground, police and first responders are needed throughout the year to deal with emergency, fire, and medical situations. Their work never stops, and neither do their vehicles. Therefore, using effective GPS management solutions is instrumental for emergency responders.

By using remote diagnostics to monitor vehicle conditions, you can ensure that vehicles are operating in peak condition to handle the ongoing workload of emergency calls. Using maps and route optimization, you can direct emergency personnel to help them arrive at their destination faster and more efficiently. And, by monitoring your vehicles locations, you can confirm that there is adequate coverage of personnel in various areas of the city to aid in faster response times. The applications are seemingly endless.

Rastrac’s GPS management solutions can help you to guarantee your operations more productive, efficient, and safer for everyone regardless of the season.

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