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3 Ways Rastrac Can Help Manage Your Mixed Fleet Brian Dziuk | Mar 27, 2019 8:36:00 AM

Construction fleets, heavy equipment rentals, and municipalities are among the many industries in today’s workforce that use mixed fleets. Most organizations now do it all and rely heavily on their own manpower to complete everyday business tasks. This requires fleet managers to be more involved in managing every aspect of their mixed fleet’s performance. It’s not surprising then to see so many businesses investing in a reliable fleet management system to help improve the efficiency of their mixed fleets.

Nowadays, fleets consist of a wide variety of vehicles and assets, like trucks, bulldozers, containers, trailers, etc. Keeping track of the maintenance needs and locations of all these different fleet assets is challenging and can lead to future issues if a serious problem goes unnoticed. However, with a Rastrac fleet management solution, fleet managers can oversee their entire fleet from a single, easy-to-use dashboard using one software solution—no matter the types of brands of fleet equipment, even non-powered assets! 

So, what’s the difference between the vehicles and assets when you are monitoring them in the field? The answer is in the objectives of the fleet manager.

A fleet management solution allows fleet managers to remotely track and monitor the conditions of their mixed fleet equipment and other valuable assets. With just one fleet tracking software solution, you can:
  • Gain location awareness of your mixed assets
  • Reduce the need for repairs with improved maintenance scheduling
  • Reduce theft and unauthorized usage
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Increase driver accountability

Rastrac’s cost-effective fleet management solutions can be tailored for your industry-specific needs and are integrable with your existing technology. Below is a list of some of the data you can access through your GPS fleet management system.

Driver Behavior

Fleet tracking software is an essential tool for monitoring the driving behavior of your employees. Bad driving habits lead to serious accidents, increases in fuel consumption, and costly repairs due to heavy wear and tear from poor driving practices like hard braking and rapid acceleration. The actions of your employees directly affect your business’s reputation, especially when they are using company mixed fleet vehicles and equipment on the road. Employees that drive dangerously and don’t follow the proper guidelines put the safety of themselves, the public, and your vehicles at risk.

Fleet managers need to know that their fleet vehicles and assets are where they are supposed to be and not in an unauthorized location. They also need to know all the mixed fleet assets are being used properly and when they require preventative maintenance.

A fleet management system can help eliminate aggressive driving and manage driver accountability by monitoring who is engaging in unsafe or risky driving behavior. With a fleet tracking device, you can accurately record:

  • When a vehicle is engaged and for how long,
  • Acceleration, deceleration, and idle times,
  • Drivers’ turning rates, and
  • When a fleet vehicle leaves a particular area.

Fuel Usage

Fuel is a large expense for virtually any fleet, and even more for mixed fleets. For example, construction fleets have bulldozers, dump trucks, forklifts, and other mixed fleet equipment that must be refueled after a full day’s work. To maintain a city’s road infrastructure, municipalities need street cleaners, garbage trucks, and snow plows that cover many miles each day.

A combination of factors can increase these fuel costs, including:

  • Poor driving habits
  • Excessive idling
  • Improper maintenance scheduling

GPS devices can monitor the tank levels of your mixed fleet vehicles and alert you to any maintenance issues, like leaky fuel lines or low coolant levels. Another useful feature is Rastrac’s geofencing tool. You can optimize routes and set boundaries using the fleet tracking software’s virtual maps, which corresponds to real geographic locations. If a driver has deviated from their outlined path, you will instantly be notified by text or email. You can also receive alerts about accidents or other hazardous road conditions, allowing you time to contact your driver about possible alternate paths to help avoid idling and maintain a set schedule.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Records

Keeping track of when your mixed fleet vehicles and equipment need proper maintenance is important to avoid increased costs from untimely repairs and part replacement orders. When you have ineffective preventative maintenance strategies, you increase the risk of breakdowns and equipment malfunctions. You’re not only protecting your investment, you’re protecting the safety of your workers and your mixed fleet.

Depending on the type of fleet assets, whether powered or non-powered, fleet managers have to meet and exceed all of a fleet's different objectives. For example, a fleet manager may use different hardware, features, and update rates to monitor different parts of a mixed fleet. Some may be more concerned with driver speeds and idle times to reduce costs and improve fleet safety, while others want to ensure their assets are in the correct location and are being used the right way.

With Rastrac’s fleet management software and GPS tracking devices, you can automate maintenance reminders and receive up-to-date records on the conditions of your vehicles and other mixed fleet equipment. You’ll also be alerted to when your fleet vehicles need:

  • To have fluids and oil replaced,
  • A tire rotation,
  • A brake pad inspection, and
  • Insurance and registration renewals.

All the different vehicles and mixed fleet equipment used in an industry’s mixed fleets need to be properly serviced to maintain their operational efficiency. A GPS fleet management solution takes the guesswork out for fleet managers by tracking and monitoring the conditions of a mixed fleet’s assets — helping to reduce costs and avoid equipment failures.

To provide a high level of service to your mixed fleet, your fleet management partner must be able to do make the data and graphics available on one dashboard and make it simple to use. Rastrac offers customizable fleet management solutions to fit the needs of your industry and that work around your budget. We can even help calculate your expected return on investment (ROI) using Rastrac’s ROI Calculator

Contact a Rastrac representative today to see which fleet tracking solution is right for your mixed fleet!

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