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Infographic: Keep Your Business Profitable with GPS Tracking Rastrac Team | Mar 10, 2017 12:01:01 PM

tracking_tech.jpgIt's a common misconception that GPS tracking devices just give fleet managers dots on a map. But, as the technology evolved over time, the capabilities of these devices and accompanying software have greatly improved.

Now, tracking devices can provide fleet managers with:

  • Live Tracking. Get real-time tracking for when assets go out of bounds, spot unplanned roadblocks, and get reports for vehicle speed & direction of travel.
  • Antitheft Asset Protection. Antitheft GPS tracking lets law enforcement pursue stolen vehicles more efficiently & effectively. This increases the likelihood of recovering a stolen vehicle intact.
  • Mobile Tracking. Mobile tracking apps let fleet managers turn their employee's smartphones into tracking devices to save money, stay in touch, and track workers independently of their vehicles; a must-have for service fleets.
  • Increased Accuracy. Recent changes to GPS device algorithms have increased GPS accuracy from about 10 meters to within a centimeter!
  • Reporting and Evaluation. Modern GPS tracking devices and fleet management software can record vehicle usage statistics such as driving speed, idle time, and more to generate comprehensive reports. Using this info, fleet managers can evaluate fleet performance and find ways to improve it.

With these advancements in tracking technology, it's crucial to take advantage in order to remain competitive in your industry. 

In our latest infographic, we outline the top five pieces of technology that can streamline your fleet management.

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