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How to Reduce Inefficiency in Your Executive Fleet With GPS Tracking Brian Dziuk | Sep 25, 2019 1:15:00 PM

Improving efficiency should always be a top concern for executive fleet management. After all, finding ways to cut wasteful spending and streamline fleet operations means your executive fleet can better satisfy its customers and boost profit margins. In such a competitive market, this is essential for success.

But how can you do it all? GPS tracking is a great place to start! Here is what you need to know about fleet tracking software and how it can transform efficiency in your executive fleet.

How to Reduce Waste in Your Executive Fleet with Vehicle Tracker Devices

Wondering how to reduce waste in your executive fleet? GPS tracking is a powerful fleet management solution that can help you boost productivity and reduce operating costs in a variety of ways. Here are just a few:

Optimize Fleet Maintenance Scheduling for Less Vehicle Downtime and Lower Repair Expenses

Your executive fleet likely includes high-quality luxury car brands—and while they certainly attract customers, they can be costly to maintain because they require specially-trained technicians and mechanics. GPS tracking can help reduce these high executive fleet maintenance costs by optimizing your preventative maintenance schedule. With vehicle tracker devices, you’ll be able to remotely monitor the condition of your executive vehicles and receive automated reports that detail each vehicle’s condition and performance.

This way, you can quickly identify when a small repair needs to be made so it doesn’t turn into a larger, more expensive problem that results in total vehicle failure. This keeps your vehicles on the road and generating revenue rather than sitting idle in the shop, plus improves your customer experience. By proactively recognizing a problem with a car in your executive fleet, you can resolve it before it goes on another trip that leaves your customers broken down on the side of the road.

Improve Fleet Efficiency and Reduce Fuel Costs with Optimized Routes

Customers coming to your executive car service want a comfortable and luxurious ride—but most importantly, they need you to get them where they need to be on time. A GPS car tracking device allows you to build optimized routes that get your clients from point A to point B quickly and efficiently! This way, your drivers can take a less congested, more direct route free of road closures, construction zones, or traffic jams.

Taking these strategic routes saves both your drivers and clients time and minimizes the frustration of sitting in traffic, giving them a more pleasant customer experience. Building optimized routes through GPS tracking can also prevent unnecessary wear and tear or engine idling (which helps to reduce fleet costs) and wasteful fuel consumption. The result? Happier customers, drivers, and fleet management!

Use Location Tracking to Determine the Optimal Vehicle Storage Site

With vehicle tracker devices, you’ll be able to monitor the exact location of every vehicle in your executive fleet. This way, at the end of a driver’s shift, you can quickly evaluate whether it is more cost-effective and efficient to store that particular vehicle in a garage, or allow the driver to park it at their home overnight. It’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of vehicle storage versus commuting costs for employees, plus consider the additional mileage they may be putting on the car in order to get home and back.

For example, depending on where a driver lives and where their first trip begins the next day, it may make more sense to allow them to drive their vehicle home rather than driving farther to store it in a garage. This reduces the amount of time, money, fuel, and vehicle mileage used to return the vehicle from a storage garage each night and retrieve it each morning. Plus, if a driver has the vehicle at their home, they can get to work and service a customer first thing in the morning rather than having to take the time to go get the car. This reduction in downtime allows you to service more customers in a day, boosting revenue and profits!

If you’re ready to boost fleet efficiency by reducing fleet maintenance and fuel costs, better serve your clients, and streamline operations for simplified fleet management, GPS tracking just might be your ideal solution.

Interested in implementing fleet tracking software in your executive fleet? Contact a Rastrac expert today to learn more or get started today!

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