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How to Keep Track of Battery Levels in Your Fleet Brian Dziuk | Feb 16, 2015 12:31:00 PM

Wouldn't you like to know if you had a low battery on a vehicle in your fleet? 

Tracking battery levels

We all know how much effect down time in your operation can hurt your bottom line and possibly delay project completion. Rastrac can help with battery level tracking. 

Before you dispatch an employee to use a vehicle, you can have peace of mind that your fleet’s battery levels are up to par.  The good news is that our system does all of the work for you. Rather than you spending time checking vehicle battery levels, simply login to your Rastrac account so that you may view this important information.

Using our robust set of notifications, Rastrac can inform you via email or text message when the vehicle’s battery level has fallen below your chosen threshold. Rest assured with many of today’s devices, should a fleet vehicle’s battery fail, in addition to you being notified of this occurrence, the built-in backup battery in the device will allow you to continue to know the vehicle’s location.

In addition to battery level awareness, Rastrac can provide visibility of certain conditions that have occurred related to your vehicle. Rastrac has a wide range of devices that can provide this capability whether the need is on vehicles or other powered assets. We will tailor our system to meet your needs.

With the added perk of lowering your fleet insurance rates, the benefits of installing GPS tracking devices are massive. Contact us today to see how these valuable tools can work for you. 

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